Important tips for planning your wedding in Dubai

If you’re at the engagement stage and decide to choose Dubai as the city of your destination wedding, you have to keep in mind the following points that will help organize the perfect event.

Important tips for planning your wedding in Dubai

1. Start planning ahead. The wedding is an important event that takes a long time to prepare. As a rule, a couple begins planning six months or even a year before the celebration. If we talk about destination weddings, then it’s worth spending even more time, since it may take more time to coordinate some points.

2. Discuss the celebration date. Choose the date for party. The best period in Dubai begins in mid-autumn and ends in late spring, when there is no rain but the heat is not so exhausting.

3. Remember that you should have enough time to collect all the necessary documents for the trip. Due to a large number of documents, it is important to leave enough time for collecting the necessary ones.

4. Contact a wedding agency. In this case, significant assistance will be provided by wedding agencies located in Dubai. You can be sure that they are ready to offer a ready-made package of services. Thus, you do not have to search for a venue, decoration, music and other details on your own. It significantly saves effort, time and nerves.

5. Choose what type of the wedding you want to organize. The most popular options in Dubai are desert wedding, yacht wedding or the beachfront wedding.

6. Make sure that you book apartments and buy tickets. It is better to do it in advance. Tickets will be cheaper, accommodation will be still free (even for popular dates). Specialized agencies can also help you with this point.

7. Plan your wedding budget properly. Do not forget that it is necessary to be ready for all the unforeseen circumstances and have enough money for not only the banquet hall and an agency’s services but also any Force Majeure.

8. Make the guest list. Discuss with your partner how many invitees will go with you. Not everyone will be able to pay for the trip or collect documents. Thus, not everyone will be able to attend the party.

Be sure that the impressions and emotions, which you will experience during your wedding in Dubai, will cover all the hassle related to the organization and planning of your celebration. But if you take into account the above-described points, the preparation process will be much easier and less nervous.