Enchanting wedding cake trends for 2020

A wedding cake is not just the main treat for guests but also an opportunity for newlyweds to be creative and demonstrate their individual style. Nowadays, some cakes remind a real piece of art.

Enchanting Wedding Cake Trends For 2020

It becomes possible to choose any design and decorate your banquet with a unique picturesque dessert. Let’s analyze the main trends for 2020.

1. Cakes with berries, fruits, and fresh flowers. The sugary mastic flowers that were used to decorate wedding cakes have long been forgotten. They were replaced by fresh flowers, berries, fruits and other gifts of nature, which perfectly fit into the concept of modern weddings. Such treats look incredibly gentle and romantic.

2. Cakes with “crystals”. Another novelty in the confectionery sector is wedding treats with crystal imitation on the cake’s surface. Such desserts look stylish and unusually; they immediately draw the admiring glances of guests.

3. A black cake. If you still think that black is not the most suitable color for a wedding, then you are mistaken. Enchanting wedding cakes for 2020 are often made using a black palette. Such desserts look stylish and spectacular! If the wedding is organized in the “The Great Gatsby” or “Coco Chanel” style, then such a treat is a real godsend for you!

4. Cakes with calligraphic inscriptions. Calligraphy is a trend that has become popular in both the printing industry and the confectionery sector. Write a touching phrase on the wedding cake in calligraphic handwriting – and you’re on trend! It is an excellent way to express your emotions, which everyone will see.

5. Minimalistic cakes. Those couples who are not fond of motley designs can order a minimalistic white treat with a minimum of decorations, which looks very elegant and delicate on photos.

6. Geometric cakes. Geometric motifs have gained great popularity in the confectionery industry. In 2020, it is trendy to choose either wedding desserts with unusual square or polygonal cakes’ layers or treats with decorative elements in the form of geometric shapes: triangles, squares, etc.

7. Cakes with “bare” layers and without mastic. In 2020, stylish “bare” wedding cakes without mastic decorated with fresh flowers, berries or fruits do not lose popularity. Despite mouthwatering taste, these natural wedding desserts look as appetizing as possible. Although cakes’ layers are visible, they serve as unique design and emphasize the dessert’s beauty.

It is important to note that nowadays, there is a tendency to use cupcakes instead of big desserts. Such small treats can also be decorated in accordance with these trends.