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Emerald green wedding inspiration

A wedding in green tones requires adhering to the concept not only in the design of the holiday but, undoubtedly, in the images of the main characters of the celebration. An emerald wedding dress is a bold and unconventional option appropriate for a winter wedding. It's great if you can find a wedding dress with an applique in the appropriate

Emerald Green Wedding Inspiration

shades or an outfit with an ombre effect.

Emerald wedding: shoes, accessories, and other details

Even if you choose a classic white dress, there are dozens of ways to withstand the color scheme. A wedding in green tones, luxury shoes, capes for brides, and gloves. In addition, do not forget about jewelry: a marriage in emerald color is a direct hint to the young in choosing stones for wedding earrings or necklaces.

The bride's green bouquet

A rich green bridal bouquet is fashionable and beautiful. The main formula of a beautiful bouquet of the bride in emerald color is as much greenery as possible. Flowers will place bright accents, which will be enough for the expressiveness of the composition.

Groom's style

A green wedding poses specific style tasks for the groom as well. And fortunately, the emerald shade is surprisingly good in men's fashion. In addition to essential clothing, details also play an important role: a bow tie or tie, a boutonniere, a vest, a scarf, and other accessories for the groom in the cold season.

Wedding in green: clothes for witnesses

The classic solution for a green wedding is to leave the bride and groom in traditional white and black outfits and reflect the color concept in the images of the witnesses. Do not forget about dark green velvet and satin: a wedding in winter is the most suitable occasion to wear outfits made of unusual fabric. As for the groom's friends, green shirts and classic dark trousers allow solving the problem.

Wedding decoration in emerald color

Suppose your holiday will take place before the winter holidays or shortly after them - combine a wedding in emerald color with a New Year and Christmas theme. Dark green, white, and red are ideal shades for a celebration in the New Year's style. We suggest paying attention to the essential details of the green wedding decoration.

Compositions for tables: royal grandeur and stylish simplicity

It does not matter what style you are aiming for - to demonstrate royal luxury in decorating tables at a holiday or to prepare decor in the style of minimalism. Dark green combines gold, silver, red, and white perfectly. In vases on the tables, there may be spruce, pine, and winter flowers. Wood and glass are the best options for accessories that will become part of the compositions on the tables.

Wedding in emerald tones: tableware and textiles

A wedding in winter is the type of event that few people decide on. But, very in vain. After all, in the cold season, the atmosphere of comfort and magic is especially noticeable, and your guests will undoubtedly appreciate the reassurance you take care of. A wedding in emerald tones is an excellent opportunity to choose unusual dishes and especially luxurious textiles to match the fashionable emerald.

Wedding invitations in green

As we have already said, your guests will undoubtedly want more attention, comfort, and romance in the cold season! Show a particular attitude to your loved ones by preparing beautiful invitations in green tones. It is more important than ever to choose an unusual texture for printing (ideally smooth or vice versa - velvety), as well as texture - for example, a pattern resembling marble.

Candy bar

Anyone who considers emerald a little unappetizing shade did not see how the masters of confectionery create lovely wedding cakes and candy bars in green tones! Monochrome is too much in emerald case, but classic combinations with white, silver, and gold are the best for a sweet table. Since emerald is associated with restraint and nobility, we recommend making a conceptual candy bar minimalistic. Choose 3-4 types of desserts, but let them be different, original, unforgettable delicious!

A wedding in emerald color is a celebration of luxury and taste. The weather will not spoil a stylized holiday's overall atmosphere: it is beyond her control!

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