Easy nail designs you can try at home

Simple and multipurpose designs are in demand for special occasions and everyday life (work in an office, school, traveling). There is no wonder that a simple coating with red gel polish is still the most popular design in professional beauty salons.

Easy Nail Designs You Can Try At Home

Adding minimal decor to monochromatic nails will be the formula for a successful manicure of a modern woman and a girl leading an active lifestyle. In this article, we will learn how to make a flawless design at home. 1. Crackle gel polish. A simple yet original effect is achieved due to the unique composition of a polish. Craquelure is applied to an opposite color substrate. For example, a white substrate matches well grey, nude, or darker shades of the polish. The top layer spreads through "cracks," creating a marble effect. The contrasting shades of the substrate and the polish are well-matched. The design does not take a lot of time, but it is beautiful and original. 2. "Cat-eye" manicure using a black and white palette. For this nail design, you should use a black substrate. Then apply a special polish atop the substrate. Use a magnet to create a flickering effect. It is relatively easy to make it yourself at home. All you have is a magnet, a "cat-eye" polish, and a substrate polish of the necessary color. 3. Acrylic Powder and Velvet Sand. Even a beginner can make a simple and quick manicure with an original powdery effect, using acrylic powder correctly. It is applied to an unsweetened second layer of gel polish and only then polymerizes in a lamp. Top covering is not required. You can choose powder or velvet sand with sparkles to add a light shine. There are colored and transparent powders. It is better to apply colored ones to a light substrate, while a fine powder "will take" the color of any base. 4. Designs with sticker slides. Sticker slides for nails will help develop unique, eye-catching, bright ideas. Drops are applied on top of a monochromatic base and then covered with a top polish. There is a great variety of sticker slides. You can choose inscriptions, animals, flowers, patterns, abstraction, and even a gradient. 5. Gradient nail design. It is a popular and friendly nail design. It is possible to make such a design using different colors. Make sure that the two colors match each other and get down manicuring. For this design, you need two polishes, a top polish, a base, and a unique rubber. Sometimes nail masters do gradient without the rubber. They apply a primary color and then add the second color above the first one, gradually mixing the two colors with a brush. Using the rubber will save time and make a color border smoother. As you see, it is possible to make a stunning nail art design while staying home.