DIY facial to keep skin glowing

Glowing is a natural sign of healthy skin. Many factors influence the condition and health of our skin. These include food, sleep, stress, age, environmental conditions, etc. Thus, our skin needs additional care. If you want your face to look healthy and glowing, do not forget to use care products. Moreover, it is possible to use homemade recipes. In this article, let’s see what DIY facial products you can use to help your skin glow.

DIY Facial To Keep Skin Glowing

1. Cleanser. To let your skin breathe, it is essential to cleanse daily. Using products from shops is unnecessary as they contain many chemicals. It is possible to use a DIY cleanser. Let’s see some options:

For dry skin: this recipe is suitable for dehydrated and flaky skin with an apparent impairment of the lipid layer. Mix one banana, 1 tsp. Of corn starch, 50 ml of warm water, 1 tbsp. Of Aloe juice and one egg yolk in a small bowl. Using a mixer or whisk, beat the mass until smooth. The output should be a jelly-like product. Store the mixture in a cold place for no longer than a week.

For oily skin: the recipe cleanses the skin from impurities while not drying it and not upsetting the acid-base balance. Mix 2 tbsp. Of rice flour, 2 tbsp. Of oat bran, five drops of tea tree essential oil, and 200 ml of warm water. Stir the mixture until it is homogeneous. If you have oily but sensitive skin, chop oat bran heavily. Wash your face with the mixture every night.

2. Exfoliating product.

Recipe one: Ground oatmeal is a delicate but effective scrub component. Oatmeal makes the skin matte, smooth, and excellent. Such a scrub is suitable even for sensitive and irritated skin. What do you need?

• 2 tbsp. of ground oatmeal;

• 0.5 tsp. of cinnamon powder;

• 1 tsp. Of baking soda.

Mix the ingredients and pour them with a small amount of water (until the consistency of a thick sour cream). Apply on face skin and massage a little. Leave the scrub mask for 15 minutes, then rinse off the face with a circular motion.

Recipe two: Coffee beans contain caffeine, which tones the skin and increases its resistance to environmental influences. What do you need?

• 1 tsp. Of finely ground coffee beans.

• 1 tsp. Of fat sour cream (for dry skin) or natural yogurt (for all other skin types).

Mix both ingredients and apply the mixture to your face. Leave it on the skin for 15 minutes, then massage it with delicate circular movements. Rinse with warm water.

3. Moisturizing cream. This product will give hydration and nutrition because olive oil has care properties. You need the following ingredients:

• 3 tsp. of lanolin;

• 3 tsp. of beeswax;

• 2 tsp. of glycerin;

• 4 tbsp. of olive oil.

As an emulsifier, use sodium tetraborate, which is also called borax. You can buy it at a pharmacy. Heat lanolin, oil, and wax in a separate bowl. Remember that you do not need to overheat the mixture; the temperature of 40 degrees will be enough.

Heat water (distilled, 10 tbsp.), Glycerin and sodium tetraborate in another bowl. Keep the mixture on fire until the borax becomes liquid. Then gradually pour the second mixture into the first one, stirring the product with a wooden spoon. After two minutes, remove from heat and let thicken.