Disney inspired wedding ideas

Since childhood, any girl dreams of an unusual wedding with a prince. A wedding celebration in the style of a fairy tale is a celebration where the boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred. A dream can come true! You can choose any other or combine two fairy tales because there are a lot of magic stories! For example, a fairytale wedding may

Disney Inspired Wedding Ideas

look like a cluster of superheroes from cult fairy tales or popular fairytale heroes, or it may look like a party of good and evil fairies … The options may be the most unexpected. When planning a wedding in a fairytale style, first you need to decide which fairy tale you want to turn up.

The most popular fairy tales are:

- "Cinderella"

- "Sleeping Beauty"

- "The Wizard of Oz"

- "Alice in Wonderland"

- "Beauty and the Beast"

- "The Snow Queen"

- "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs ".

Nobody demands from you to recreate the scene of a fairy tale in the smallest detail. The simplest solution would be to use famous characters from a certain magical story, or maybe several. The most colorful wedding will be if the dress code is introduced. Naturally, all participants in the event must be notified of this in advance, so that everyone has time to choose a fabulous image.

With newlyweds, everything is easier, their images are recreated in detail in any fairy tale, and there is only a solution to how to "revive" them. In addition, there are many clues in the form of cartoons based on the works. After all, you can just copy the characters.

For organizing a wedding in the style of an oriental fairy tale, almost any room decorated with colorful carpets, hookahs, a scattering of pillows, and an Aladdin lamp will fit without any problems. An old castle or a luxurious manor will do the trick for making a fairy tale in the style of "Prince and Princess" come true. The hall should be decorated in the spirit of the Middle Ages; paintings, huge mirrors, panels, and voluminous cups should be used as decor. At the same time, when choosing a specific fairy tale, do not forget about the elements inherent in it. For example, for Cinderella, the decor must include a clock, for The Snow Queen, snowflakes and pieces of ice will become relevant, and Sleeping Beauty will not do without a spindle.

When conducting a photo session, in addition to beautiful frames, you can use a specific theme of a fairy tale, that is, the groom puts on a shoe for Cinderella, the prince wakes Sleeping Beauty with a gentle kiss, etc. Modern bridal fashion offers a new, but already popular, direction - a wedding for two abroad. Ancient architectural structures, and picturesque landscapes of foreign countries and cities will immerse you in a magical world and make you believe in a miracle. The advantages of this type of celebration are that from an ordinary wedding ceremony, a couple in love ends up on a magical honeymoon filled with romance.