Reasons to have your destination wedding in Dubai

Most couples in love will not escape a moment when they want to take their beautiful relationships to the next level and get married. Since a wedding is one of the most significant and biggest events in life, many sweethearts prefer to celebrate it in some wonderful and exotic locations. Enigmatic and magnificent Dubai is the perfect place to exchange

Reasons to have your destination wedding in Dubai

oaths of loyalty and get hitched for those couples who like it outstanding, bright, and memorable. This city is characterized by incredible record-breaking architecture, a blissful climate that is a wonderful mixture of ocean and desert conditions, and unbelievable, hard-to-find-elsewhere hospitality of local people.

What are other reasons to have a destination wedding in Dubai?

Dubai is an ultimate wedding destination attracting amorous twosomes from all over the world. A wedding celebration in the UAE has certain advantages:

1. The unique climate. Dubai is a subtropical desert, which means this emirate has pleasantly warm winters and lots of sunshine in summers. During warm seasons, the moisture is brought by balmy winds directly from the Persian Gulf. Pristine, picture-perfect, endlessly blue skies are a landmark of Dubai, and the seawater in Dubai is suitable for swimming all year round – its temperature never gets below 23° C!

2. Things to do. The newlyweds will definitely not be bored if they decide to arrange a destination wedding in Dubai, because this spot is the hub of world-class entertainments with many attractions being one of their kinds, such as the Burj Khalifa – the tallest edifice in the world with its 122 floors, The Palm Jumeirah Island, one of the largest artificial islands ever, the Dubai Fountain, a breathtaking choreographed fountain system without equals to name a few.

3. An insane variety of locations for holding a wedding party: posh authentic restaurants, luxurious hotels, fabulous yachts, glittering beaches, and desert landscapes for both traditional and themed weddings.

Things to consider for a destination wedding in Dubai:

A destination wedding in Dubai should be carefully planned to avoid different problems and unpleasant surprises:

• Choose the date for the celebration. The best period for getting married in Dubai is between October and May when the heat is not so oppressive.

• Planning a destination wedding in Dubai should be started at least six months before the actual celebration because of a necessity to obtain all the necessary travel documents for you and your guests.

• Make sure you reserve tickets, a hotel, and a venue for the celebration in advance or hire a professional wedding planner in Dubai to do the entire related job instead of you.

The memory of a wedding ceremony in Dubai will last for life. Obtaining official marriage permission from the UAE authorities is difficult, especially if the spouses-to-be are not residents of the Emirates. But there is always a way out: the couple can get married in their country and fly to Dubai to enjoy a symbolic ceremony in one of the most beautiful and mysterious cities on the planet.