Destination wedding planning checklist

Any wedding is closely connected with hustles, stress, and nerves. And a destination wedding is an even more troublesome matter. Thus, it is advisable to hire wedding agency services to simplify the preparatory process.

The Ultimate Destination Wedding Planning Checklist For Couples

Skilled managers will offer trusted service providers, coordinate the preparatory process, and stay in touch with you. However, the bride and groom still have a list of responsibilities. These include:

10-12 months before the wedding

  1. Choose a wedding date.

  2. Study the market of wedding offers.

  3. Create a mood board.

  4. Decide on the format of the wedding (buffet/banquet).

  5. If you want to lose weight for the event, this is the right moment to start training.

8-9 months before the wedding

  1. Hire an organizer. After discussing all the details, the agency will offer you suitable locations and service providers depending on your preferences, desires, and budget.

  2. Choose a toastmaster, photographer, and videographer.

  3. Make a rough list of guests.

  4. Distribute the budget by item of expenditure.

6-7 months before the wedding

  1. Decide on the concept and style of the wedding.

  2. Buy or start sewing a wedding dress.

  3. Choose bridesmaids.

  4. Pick a florist/decorator.

  5. Book hotel rooms.

  6. Buy tickets.

4-5 months before the wedding

  1. Organize a pre-wedding love-story photoshoot.

  2. Choose a pastry chef and cake.

  3. Choose dresses for bridesmaids and the dress code for guests.

  4. Buy a suit for the groom.

  5. Find a makeup artist/hairdresser.

  6. Buy rings.

  7. Start attending wedding dance preparation classes.

  8. Visit the venue with a decorator/photographer.

3 months before the wedding

  1. Send invitations

  2. Book a hotel for the morning of the bride and the first wedding night.

  3. Rehearse your wedding outfit.

  4. Make a wedding playlist with a DJ

  5. Buy a second dress for a banquet.

  6. Buy wedding shoes (+ shoes for the evening).

  7. Choose the design and composition of the bride’s bouquet.

  8. Order printing (menu, seating cards).

2 months before the wedding

  1. If the preparation takes place without the organizer, hire a coordinator for the wedding day.

  2. Choose a host for the ceremony.

  3. Make timing.

  4. Prepare memorable gifts for guests.

  5. Buy underwear, accessories.

  6. Approve the menu.

  7. Choose music for the ceremony.

  8. Make a seating plan.

1 month before the wedding

  1. Fit the dress to the figure.

  2. Have a bachelorette party.

  3. Check whether all documents are gathered and valid