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Destination wedding invitation etiquette advice

Do you have a wedding in the nearest future and make a guest list. When trying to calculate the number of guests and make the necessary number of invitation cards, it is important to keep in mind a plus-one wedding etiquette. What does it mean? You should invite some guests with a pair. For example, when sending an invitation card, you should point out that a person may come with one more person. Let’s consider all the necessary rules of plus-one etiquette:

Destination Wedding Invitation Etiquette Advice

1. If you have married or engaged couples, it is evident that they should have a plus-one invitation card. This rule goes beyond saying. But what to do with cohabiting people? Do you need to invite both of them or only one person? Generally, if you know that these people have serious relations, they live together for several years, you can send a plus-one invitation card. But still, you’re free to invite only one of them. Usually, those sweethearts who arrange a wedding decide themselves taking into account characters and relations of invitees.

2. Even if you suggested taking a couple with you, do not mind if some guests return this favor and come alone. It is their choice, and they are free to refuse your favor. The only remark is that they should tell you about it in advance so that you have enough time to adjust a guest list, the number of seating, and the wedding menu.

3. Remember that you should specify all the necessary information in an invitation card. Your invitees should clearly understand from an invitation card not only the date and time of the wedding but also with whom he/she can visit the celebration. If necessary, do not forget about a dress code.

4. Seating married and single people is a tricky question. On one hand, it is not wise to seat married couples with singles because a single invitee can feel awkward. But on the other hand, if you seat all single guests at one or several separate tables, they will feel separated from other invitees. Thus, try to combine them so that their characters and temperaments will be similar, and all the guests spend a cheerful time.

5. Be ready that some guests who didn’t receive a plus-one invitation card will ask to bring one more person. In such cases, you should discuss this question with your partner and parents and decide whether you can afford it or not. Keep in mind that some guests may refuse your favor, so you’ll have a spare seat. In any case, this question should be discussed in advance.

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