Destination wedding in Vietnam

Vietnam is a very exotic, interesting country. Tourists willingly discover the rich culture of this place, which has absorbed the traditions of various peoples and appreciate the amazing nature, which can delight every day in different ways. The wedding ceremony in Vietnam is a touching and original celebration in which rituals have been preserved for centuries.

Destination beach wedding in Vietnam, flower arch, beach, bride, groom

In addition, these are traditions, a deep immersion in the mystery of the unity of a woman and a man, and the unification of the genus into a whole. According to the Vietnamese, the family is the main vital value around which the world unfolds.

How to organize a wedding in Vietnam

To realize your dream and get married in Vietnam, you need to contact companies that specialize in organizing wedding ceremonies abroad. The wedding ceremony on the territory of this country is a fairy tale, which is full of ancient traditions and rituals. During the selection of the venue for the wedding ceremony, preference is given to sunny, warm places with a rich historical heritage and exotic nature. Vietnam is famous for its centuries-old traditions, hospitality, exoticism, and color, which creates a unique atmosphere for newlyweds. The Vietnamese can offer you to go through some rites of the wedding ceremony, which are very revered, and they try to fulfill them without question. It is better not to give up on this. According to legend, if a couple did everything right, then no force can destroy her love. According to tradition, the wedding is played twice in Vietnam. The first ceremony is conducted by the bride's parents, and the second by the groom's parents. During the presentation of the gift, the newlyweds are given watermelon seeds, which mean wishes for the birth of healthy children.

Wedding in Vietnam

The traditional bride's dress for the wedding ceremony is made of silk, decorated with embroidery with gold thread, expensive braid, and jewelry. After the wedding ceremony, the newlyweds go to a Buddhist temple in Vietnam. The wedding takes place there, which lasts half an hour. Sometimes a wedding can take several days. After the wedding ceremony, nothing will be more important in your life than family. Vietnam with its traditions favors the achievement of this state of mind by newlyweds.

Where to hold a wedding

Vietnam can please the newlyweds with a ceremony in the most unexpected places from the point of view of European wedding views. The ceremony on the ship will be bright, memorable, and interesting. Connoisseurs of Eastern philosophy will be able to legitimize relations in a Buddhist temple. Frivolous, young couples with energy raging in their veins will hold a wedding ceremony on an exotic beach in Vietnam.

Nha Trang City

Nha Trang is a big city with luxurious multi-story hotels, a huge number of chic restaurants, and a city beach. Despite the developed infrastructure, the newlyweds will be able to find a couple of secluded places in the bustle of big lights. Beautiful stone paths, an abundance of vegetation, barrels with various colors of all shades, incredibly beautiful gazebos, white sand on the beach – all this will create an indescribable atmosphere of celebration, love, and romance at the wedding ceremony.

If you want to hold a wedding on the beach, then you will be waiting for a beautiful floral arch, romantic music, and a Vietnamese presenter in a local festive outfit "aozai", which will add a lot of color to the celebration. After experiencing the emotions of exchanging vows, tears of joy, and kisses, the couple receives a certificate of marriage. The wedding photoshoot in this city of Vietnam is passionate, relaxed, and at the same time gentle.

Do not worry if a small warm summer rain suddenly starts, because such weather turns the sea into the turquoise of unprecedented beauty, gives rich tones of greenery, and sets a special mood for a wedding ceremony in Vietnam. And in general, the climate here is warm all year round. Each couple will find something different in this city of Vietnam: someone will appreciate the amazing pictures of snow-white sand, azure water, necklaces of green hills, and others - the vibrant nightlife of Nha Trang.

City of Dalat

The city of Vietnam, Dalat, is called the place of couples in love. Thanks to the wonderful climate and special atmosphere, this corner is also called the "City of Eternal Spring", "Little Paris", and "Swiss Alps". It is located among hills covered with evergreen forests and has many beautiful valleys, lakes, waterfalls, and parks on its territory. This creates a pleasant atmosphere for the wedding ceremony. There are many modern hotels, hotels, and mansions with excellent architecture, created by the French.

There are many unique, amazing waterfalls around the city of Vietnam Dalat, which are located in fabulous places of beauty. This gives a unique opportunity to get beautiful wedding photos. In addition, there is a temple complex, there is a cable car, at the end of which there is a large park. The most famous hotel complex "Crazy House" has an original room for newlyweds.

The newlyweds have the opportunity to visit the residence of Emperor Bao Dai, who created the first golf course in Vietnam, which has not lost its beauty and splendor these days. Dalat is known for a luxurious, delightful flower park, called the "Valley of Love". This place with a lot of amazing, diverse, exquisite plants, lakes, sculptures, and reservoirs will create a delightful background for a wedding photo shoot.

Mui Ne Phan Thiet Resort

If you don't like noisy cities, then Vietnam is ready to offer another place for a wedding ceremony – the resort of Mui Ne Phan Thiet. This is a paradise, a small fishing village with cozy low-rise hotels on the first line. You can hear the sound of the sea surf while sitting on the balcony of your room. The main highlight of this corner is considered to be beautiful sands: do you want white, red, pink, or scarlet, creaking gently under your feet?

An excellent place to organize a wedding photo shoot is the Cham Towers, which are similar to Indian temples. There is a garden around this place, and a stunning view of the bay opens from the mountain. In funicular, the newlyweds will be able to climb to the largest Buddha in Vietnam. The view from there gives a sense of beauty, peace, and tranquility. From here you will be able to take a drop of happiness with you.

The next attraction that wins the hearts of the newlyweds is the sand hills, from which you can ride on the litter. Having ordered transport, the newlyweds can go to the scarlet dunes and visit the unique lotus lake. This place in Vietnam gives a lot of impressions, from which the heart will freeze for another year at one memory.

On the island of Phu Quoc

The wedding ceremony on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam will be remembered by you for the rest of your life. Long beaches, white sand, the sound of waves, and the rustle of palm trees – this place is created for the most important day of your life. This beach pearl of Vietnam gives unforgettable tropical locations for wedding photography. There are two pearl plantations on the island – American and Japanese. In addition, here you will find many beautiful waterfalls, bubbling rivers, and many hills covered with lush vegetation of the relic forest.

Is an official marriage ceremony possible in Vietnam?

The official registration of marriage for citizens of the Russian Federation on the territory of Vietnam is not possible. But any couple can play a symbolic wedding, which will be very romantic with a touch of Asian mystery. Such a service is resorted to by couples who have previously registered their union at home, and in Vietnam, they arrange a holiday only for themselves and the closest people in spirit.

The cost of a symbolic wedding ceremony

Symbolic wedding ceremony on the beach of Vietnam

Vietnam presents an opportunity to play a symbolic wedding. You can choose a place where nothing will stop you. The symbolic ceremony gives the couple privacy in an exotic and comfortable environment, to give each other happy moments, lots of seas, and sun. The cost in most cases includes a wedding planner, a ceremony with a priest, a bouquet, a boutonniere, decorations, floral decoration, a certificate, transport, photography, and full coordination of the celebration. Additionally, other services may be provided.

A wedding ceremony in Vietnam is magic, a fabulous thread from which the canvas of your life turns into a magic carpet. If you want a unique, inimitable wedding, unlike anything else, then we advise you to hold it in this country. To verify the truthfulness of our words, watch the video of the wedding at the resort of Mui Ne in Vietnam. What extraordinary magic permeates the whole day of the ceremony: preparation in a luxurious room, vows of eternal love, given on a beautiful coast, unforgettable pictures, irrepressible fun against the background of the sun setting in the sea.

Vietnam is an exotic, interesting country. The rich culture of this place has absorbed the traditions of many peoples, so every couple will be able to find an ideal option for a wedding ceremony here. In addition, you will be able to appreciate the rich nature of Vietnam, which will delight you every day of your stay in this fabulous country. Wedding rituals, which have been carefully guarded for centuries, will allow you to open the veil of mystery of a mysterious country for yourself.