Destination Dubai wedding planner

Destination weddings require more coordination than weddings in your home country. So it is better to hire a professional wedding planner, as they will pay close attention to each detail during the planning, ceremony, and reception of your Big Day.

Ultimate Guide To Hiring A Destination Wedding Planner In Dubai UAE

We are really obsessed with all the smallest details to let you have the best possible and most enjoyable experience of your life. Hiring a wedding planner will help you execute all your dreams and desires making your event much less stressful. We do provide comfort and peace of mind, as we are ready to share our professional experience and answer all your questions. We have years of experience and are ready to handle any problem which might occur, as we're familiar with the venue of your choice, we do know the best-required vendors

The Cost of a wedding planner will vary depending on all the planning services provided, the venue, and the number of guests.

An experienced premium wedding planner who provides event design charges a minimum of 20% of your wedding budget. Sometimes the cost of the wedding planner is included in the wedding package of your choice.

The price of your wedding in Dubai depends on many details like venue, design, hotel, flowers, the number of guests, menu, photographer, live music, sound system, decor, etc. We offer the best venues around the UAE suited to your ideas, the number of guests, theme, etc. If you are not sure where and how to begin, contact us to get some tips. And you can find pictures on Instagram or other social media which are inspiring you and we will prepare a package for you. We will let you feel confident and stress-free in planning your upcoming event. Have a talk with us about your wedding ideas. Let us share the most memorable wedding moments with you. We have been planning and organizing destination weddings for more than 5 years in the UAE. It's easier to deal with the wedding placed in Dubai, if you are going to host your celebration here, instead of sending your planner here, as you will have to pay for tickets, hotel, etc. We can visit the venue of your choice as many times as needed, as we live and work here, We have an office here and you are welcome to visit us and to sign the contract Some clients like to travel to see the venues and attend the menu tasting which is surely possible, but some prefer to have a video chat and to let us show the venue over the camera, walk virtually in the venue and see the details and to talk to the vendors. The choice is yours and we are here to do the best event of your life.