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Dubai desert safari experience

A trip through the Dubai desert on an off-road vehicle is an activity for those who love extreme and adventure. It will definitely give you an unforgettable experience. Along the way, you will encounter sand dunes, picturesque wadis, and rugged mountain passes.

Dubai Desert Safari Experience

Preparatory Process

The desert challenges even experienced off-road drivers. It is insidious and unpredictable, and the relief under the wheels is constantly changing (sand, rocks, dry river beds). Thus, it is best to rent an ATV with an experienced driver

If you want to drive yourself, take the Express Desert Driving Course. Specialized agencies in the city provide express causes to prepare drivers for extreme driving conditions. In addition, there are Jeep Clubs in Dubai (for example, Emirates Offroaders). Experienced drivers are always ready to share the secrets of off-road driving with newbies.

Where to Ride?

After choosing a car, first try your hand at the Fossil Rock plateau (its other name is Jebel Malaika). It is located on the road to Hatta, on the right-hand side of the Sharjah-Kalba Road (E102), near Al Malaika. This rocky plateau owes its name to prehistoric marine limestone deposits.

To reach the Fossil Rock Plateau, the driver should go through a dirt road. Or you can create your own route and selflessly overcome red sand dunes and rocks. If you wish, you can climb to the top of the giant dune, located off the highway between Hatta and Oman. The area has dunes for drivers of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

Buggies and ATVs

Have you ever dreamed of feeling what a desert rally is? Riding a buggy or an ATV will give you these feelings. The buggy is a lightweight sports car specially designed for dune racing. No doors, roof, or windows. Only the frame, sports seat, roll cage and reinforced suspension for storming the dunes at high speeds.

Also, note that it is not recommended to go on safari alone. You should also have several vehicles for the case of unexpected breaking in the heart of the desert.

When planning such a safari, do not forget about an emergency kit. Are you ready for such a kind of pastime? Experiencing the highest level of adrenalin is guaranteed. A desert rally will be the perfect option for extreme-loving companies. Indulge in the pleasure of climbing to the top of a dune at a 45-degree angle!

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