Fun alternative wedding desserts to serve instead of cake

A classic wedding cake is rather commonplace. Recently, modern wedding agencies offer to replace this sweet part of the celebration with decent alternatives. Nowadays, numerous options exist of what to choose instead of a classic wedding cake. Here, we provide a list of the most popular alternatives.

Fun Alternative Wedding Desserts

1. Macaroons. These sweets have become incredibly popular in the last few years. They have hundreds of fans. Thus, you can put them on multi-level stands. Thus, build a tower of macaroons.

2. Cupcakes. Instead of a classic usual wedding cake, you can order cupcakes and put them on a stand in the candy bar. If you want to hold a ceremony of cutting the cake at the wedding, ask a pastry chef to make a lot of portioned cupcakes for the wedding and one big one for you that will occupy the upper strand.

3. Cake pops. Isn’t it funny? And how convenient it is! It is possible to create an image of a cake using these sweets on long sticks. Usually, cake pops are decorated with glazers, edible sequins, and marshmallows.

4. Donut cake. It is one of the leading trends of 2019. Put donuts in the shape of a cake and give them to each guest.

5. Cakes made of candies. It is an easy option. You can make a pyramid from candies, which reminds you of a cake.

6. Cakes made of homemade cookies. This option is similar to donuts. Develop your imagination and create a unique shape for your cake. Put cookies and decorate them so that your masterpiece reminds you of a wedding cake.

7. Croquembouche. It is a popular French dessert. It looks like a tower of profiteroles topped with chocolate or caramel. Your guests will definitely like this sweet dessert!

8. Ice cream. You can either use a solid piece of ice cream and quickly cut it and distribute it among quests or prepare separate jars with ice cream for each invitee. It's a perfect alternative for the cake if you are planning a summer wedding.

9. Pancakes. If you want to impress guests, you can put pancakes one to another so that they form a pyramid. A creative floral arrangement on the top of the pancake cake will serve as an excellent decoration.

10. Cake made of cheese. Don’t you and your guests really like sweets? Then order an unusual wedding cake made of cheese and decorated with fresh flowers, berries, and fruits. This option is perfect for a summer celebration when you do not want to eat a lot of sweets. But a piece of flavored cheese in combination with cold wine or champagne will be just the best alternative to a classic wedding cake.

Nowadays, there are lots of options on how to create a unique and unusual wedding cake that will be tasteful and impress guests. Each of the above-mentioned cakes will be the perfect decoration for your wedding and interior.