Delicate peach and coral wedding inspiration

A wedding is a romantic and delicate event. This mood and feelings can be perfectly demonstrated by using certain colors. Tenderness is traditionally associated with pink color and all its shades. Thus, if you combine coral and peach shades and choose them for your holiday, your celebration will be saturated with the atmosphere of tenderness and romantic relations. Now, let’s see how you can create the perfect mood and make your wedding incredibly delicate.

Peach And Coral Wedding Theme

1. Invitation cards. This is the first thing how invitees can realize what kind of celebration they should be ready for. When you develop the design of your invitation cards, give preference a pink paper or pink envelopes with white papers. For example, write an invitation text with white ink on a pink paper. Or choose a peach-shaded envelop and put a white paper with an invitation text in it. Decorate a paper with the image of greenery and flowers.

2. Newlyweds’ outfits. A bride can choose a traditional white wedding dress. White color perfectly matches peach and coral shades. But in this case, it is necessary to add some accessories of coral or peach shades. For example, it can be a hairpin or a band.

A groom should forget about a classic black suit and give preference to a white or ivory shirt and peach or coral trousers.

3. A wedding bouquet. It is obvious that a bride’s bouquet and a groom’s boutonniere should be of coral/peach/pink colors. Peonies and roses are the most popular flowers for this wedding style. Add some greenery to make your bouquet truly stylish and beautiful.

4. Dress code. Do not forget to inform your guests about the existing dress code. Specify this information in invitation cards. Recommend your guests to choose ivory/peach/coral outfits for the celebration.

5. Wedding decoration. This is the most significant part of a themed wedding. When speaking about a peach and coral party, do not forget about all decorative elements that match these shades. If you want to decorate a venue yourself, a color wheel will help you. Greenery will look incredibly fresh on the background of pink and peach shades and make accents on other decorative elements. Flowers are obligatory elements of your decoration. Peonies with greenery are will look gorgeous as a centerpiece on the tables. It is possible to create a stunning arch made of flowers, greenery, and backlight. All guests will admire it, and take photos there. It will be an excellent photo zone.

6. Wedding menu. The theme of the party is demonstrated with the help of not only colors but also dishes. Peaches, red apples, and seafood should be obligatory elements of a festive dinner. Serve tables with fruits, pink jelly, multicolored desserts.