Cute hairstyles for brides with short hair

Short hairstyles are still popular. They look stylish and delight with practicality because short hair does not require long styling. But what to do if there is a wedding ahead and you want to look more feminine? All styling types for short hair is divided into several large groups:

Cute Hairstyles For Brides With Short Hair

- Classic wedding hairstyles are suitable for any type of hair and are combined with various styles of wedding dresses. Strands are collected in a wisp, wave-shaped, or, if the length permits, are braided.

- Minimalistic style is characterized by the absence of additional decorations.

- Retro style with its Hollywood curls or smoothly styled strands, which are classic options for this type.

- Romantic ones are based on curls. Curls can be of different sizes, depending on the desired result. To fix the hairstyle, each strand is treated with mousse or wax.

Hairstyle Accessories

To create the perfect wedding hairstyle for short hair, it is important to choose not only the type of styling but also an accessory suitable for an image.

With a veil

The veil is a traditional wedding accessory in a classic style. For short hair, choose accessories, the length of which is just below the shoulders. Models made of heavy fabrics and lace do not require additional decoration. A short, not fluffy veil goes well with bangs and hair pulled back.

With a tiara

A luxurious tiara on short hair instantly adds royal grandeur to your outfit. On short hair, graceful thin tiaras decorated with small precious stones or pearls (or without decoration at all) look great. To make this kind of hairstyle, you have to make a bouffant and fix the tiara with hairpins. The forehead is best left open. If there is a bang, then it should be straightened.

With a hoop and a headband

Accessories are decorated with sequins, artificial pearls, beads, feathers, fresh flowers. The choice depends on the image and style of the celebration:

For a wedding in retro style, a wide headband in combination with curls or wave-shaped styling is used. As a decoration, a large flower is fixed on the side to match the color of the dress;

- A classic outfit will be complemented by a thin hoop decorated with stones, rhinestones, or fresh flowers. This accessory goes well with curls and hairstyles in the Greek style.

- For a Boho wedding, the headband or hoop is decorated with feathers, beads, ribbons, and other ethnic ornaments.

Styling for short hair in combination with fresh flowers looks feminine and elegant. Plants should match the bride’s bouquet and the groom’s boutonniere. Small inflorescences of white, pink, light blue, milky colors are classic options. Most often, such flowers as roses, irises, lilies, calla lilies, orchids, freesia are chosen.