Creative wedding photo album ideas

A modern wedding book is an opportunity to save every photo for long years without worrying about that the photos will be lost or faded. After all, photographs themselves are the pages of the book.

Creative Wedding Photo Album Ideas

Computer technology allows you to create almost any design of a wedding photo book. Don't know what you want? You can always look through online samples or from your photographer and sort out your desires.

First of all, you have to decide in which order and which photos you would like to see in the album. Currently, several standard options have been formed; however, you can always make your own changes.

Ideas for arranging the chronology of photos:

- The wedding is in its chronological order. This method of arranging photos is the most common. The book begins with photos of newlyweds at the wedding ceremony, and then – according to the script. Usually, the last photos are those with a wedding cake or in the background of a firework;

- Love story. Such a book covers a wider timeline. The book begins with the first joint pictures, then goes the engagement, the exciting moments of the pre-wedding preparation, the wedding day itself, a sweet honeymoon, and a pregnant wife is a happy end of the album;

- You can include photos of parents and bosom friends in the book;

- The album will gain special romantic energy if you add photos of newlyweds’ wishes;

The next step is considering the style and background of the wedding book. Romantic and delicate albums made in the style of a wedding ceremony and designed in the same color scheme will look good. Moreover, the cover of the wedding book should match the content and color theme of the whole book.

Photographers suggest paying attention to the following design options:

- Retro style;

- “Like a movie”, this style of the book is especially suitable for photos from a thematic wedding based on your favorite movie;

- A note of humor;

- Tender mood;

- A thematic design, for example, a book in a marine style or orange shades, will emphasize the theme of your celebration.

In order for photos and the album to complement each other, you should understand in advance for yourself what you want to see in the future in your family archive. It is important to determine the theme of the book in a timely manner, in order to prepare the necessary accessories for the wedding photo shoot, and take appropriate photographs.

A variety of wedding photo books once again proves that there is no limit to professional imagination and talent! Newlyweds should have at least minimal understanding of what they want, and experienced photographers will certainly offer suitable ideas for your family album.