Creative wedding favors that will delight your guests

Many couples welcome the tradition of giving souvenirs to guests to leave a pleasant memory about their wedding. Let favor be original, cute, and as necessary as possible. We have prepared tips for you: choose souvenirs according to your soul and budget.

Creative Wedding Favors That Will Delight Your Guests

If you want to please everyone, then give something that you can eat or drink. Such gifts will definitely not be lost and won’t go to a trash can. Edible presents can be packaged in cardboard or plastic boxes, paper or tissue bags, glass jars, test tubes, or bottles.

- Sweets: marmalade, marshmallows, cookies, pasta, lollipops, chocolate, meringues

- Baking: miniature pies, donuts, cupcakes, iced gingerbread

- Popcorn, nuts, dried fruits

- Homemade cheese

- Jam, honey, peanut or chocolate spread, souffle

- Olive oil

- A set of spices, superfoods

- A set for making cocoa, mojito

- Coffee beans, tea

- Cold drinks

Souvenirs “for home and family” are very relevant. Various little things that come in handy in everyday life will be a good favor.

- Textiles: decorative pillows, linen or openwork napkins, a potholder, a blanket, a rug for the bathroom or corridor, a shopping bag.

- Dishes and kitchen utensils: teacups, a mug, wooden scoops, a small manual coffee grinder, hot coasters, a tea strainer, a seasoning mill, spice jars, a bottle opener or a corkscrew, a flask, a wooden cutting board, a tray.

- Decor items: candlestick, a photo frame or holder, a phone/book stand, scented candles, a wicker dream catcher, a potted plant.

Care products are almost as win-win as edible favors. Your guests will certainly use fragrant products for bath, shower, and personal care, remembering a fun holiday.

- Salt, foam, bath bombs

- Shower gel

- Body lotion

- Hand cream

- Essential oil for a bath

- Handmade soap

These are perfect ideas for pleasing your guests.