Tips for planning a creative and thoughtful proposal

Making a proposal is an important step for both partners. Almost all girls dream of this event during all their lives. Guys are always nervous when it’s time to think about the step. Firstly, this is due to the fact that they do not really know what answer they will hear. They can expect but no one knows for sure. Moreover, taking into account girls’ uncertainty. Secondly, every guy wants to be creative and impress his beloved.

Tips for Planning a Creative and Thoughtful Proposal

Nowadays, it’s more and more difficult to invent something special. At the same time, there are more opportunities and ideas for planning a unique marriage proposal in Dubai. When you decide that your couple is ready for this step, you should approach the issue with all responsibility and plan the best performance. In order to succeed in this task, every guy should keep in mind the following tips that will help make your proposal creative, unique, and memorable:

1. Forget about standard options and commonplace ideas. Try to develop your creativity and forget about such cliches as a ring in a rose or a glass of champagne.

2. The ring in food is a bad idea. Although, the idea was considered quite romantic and creative some time ago, now it doesn’t sound perfect. A girl can swallow it or break teeth. As a result, the most romantic moment will end in a hospital.

3. Remember your girl’s preferences, dreams, wishes. The best way to plan a creative proposal is to think about your soul mate’s nature. Recall what she likes, prefers, dreams of. Do not use the idea that is perfect for other girls. Maybe your partner does not like it. Thus, for example, if your girlfriend is fond of reading, you can put the ring in a book. Or, if your couple is an adventure lover, you can make a quest or organize a hiking in the mountains, on the top of which you will present her the ring.

4. Be romantic. Even if your nature is far from cuties and sweeties, try to master your feelings and look as elegant as possible. This is one of the most memorable events in girls’ lives and they will definitely remember it for all future life.

5. Thoroughly plan the event. Making a proposal should be well developed and thought out to the smallest details. Saying “marry me” while an evening talk, by phone, or between this and then is not the case.

6. Located on the man-made island Palm Jumeirah, Atlantis The Palm is an excellent spot to make a marriage proposal in Dubai. Book your private dinner at the beach where you can get on bended knees in the sand with the sea view as your backdrop. During your dinner, a high-end photographer will capture your special moment while the two of you enjoy time together.

As you see, the main point here is to take into account your girlfriend’s personality and nature. If you do not know her preferences (what is strange!), you can ask some leading questions that will help you learn some details. Based on this information and her preferences, you can develop an ideal way to make a creative proposal.