Creative honeymoon Ideas for every couple

All people are different, and their dreams can differ drastically! If you are searching for original ways to spend your honeymoon, look through the following ideas. Perhaps, you’ll find a suitable option.

1. The honeymoon on the Trans-Siberian Express

Creative Honeymoon Ideas For Every Couple

The longest railway in the world has been laid from Moscow to Beijing. It runs through picturesque and unique landscapes. Travel on the famous Trans-Siberian Express to spend the time unforgettable. Most likely, on the way to China, there will be much more interesting events than during a beach holiday on a desert island.

The peculiarity of the honeymoon on the Trans-Siberian Railway is that the route can be planned individually. Stops at Lake Baikal, Ulan Bator, or Mongolia will give you many unforgettable minutes.

2. A trip by car through Scandinavia

If you have long wanted to go to Scandinavia, you can take advantage of this opportunity and spend your honeymoon traveling to Sweden, Denmark, and Finland.

Tidy pine forests, clear lakes, and picturesque fjords promise many unforgettable, romantic moments spent in an adventurous atmosphere. You will observe incredible landscapes in summer and the northern lights in winter. In addition to numerous cultural and architectural monuments, you should definitely visit:

- Ice hotels in Norway and Finland

- A hotel in a tree in Sweden

- Earthen houses in Sweden

3. Traveling across South America

South America has many beautiful places where you can see many previously unseen beauties. Here are some of the honeymoon travel ideas:

- Torres del Paine (Chile)

- Copacabana (Bolivia)

- Buenos Aires, (Argentina)

- Lima (Peru)

- Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)

4. An exotic and Incredible Honeymoon in the UAE

All newlyweds who do not want to give up the idea to sunbathe on a sandy beach, but still dream of an exciting adventure, it is worth turning their attention to Dubai, which is the perfect combination of both. After an exciting safari tour, you can end the day in a romantic setting at the beach.

5. A sailing honeymoon

You can take a real sailing cruise. Your adventure is entirely up to you. It is you who plan which lands you want to sail to, which seaside cities you want to moor in. By choosing a sailing cruise, you will be able to:

- Visit interesting, beautiful cities in different countries;

- See many stunning landscapes (both marine and coastal);

- Dock at the most famous and beautiful beaches;

- Go diving and fishing afloat;

- Taste a variety of delicious sea dishes.