Creating your wedding budget

Figuring out your budget for your dream wedding is not easy. The wedding is usually the biggest life event and the priciest. You need to calculate even unexpected costs while planning your wedding and make reasonable cuts not to exceed your total budget. So how to set a wedding budget?

Simple Steps To Setting A Realistic Wedding Budget For Your Big Day

First, you shout count the cash you have and are ready to spend for your Big Day.

Create a detailed spreadsheet for estimated, modified, and actual costs. Start with the wedding venue of your choice as it's going to be major spending and before this be sure about how many guests you want to attend your celebration. Setting up the menu with the catering team, design with the professional designers' agency, including flowers, balloons, petals, candles, flower wall, ceiling, tables decor, kosha, stage, and dance floor.

Hiring a photographer, videographer, master of ceremony, wedding planner, organizer, a coordinator will increase your budget, but it's advisable not to cut your expenses on them, as the professionals will take all your worries on them and will do your wedding reception considering attentively the smallest details. And the musicians, entertainers, DJs, sound and light systems.

Estimate your budget which is going to include all the basics.

Make the guest list thoughtfully. If you want to save on your wedding you can think about the symbolic wedding for two, it has become pretty popular in Dubai.

But if you wish to invite the guests from your country you should plan their accommodation, and transport as well.

Save on invitations as paying for calligraphy is not that cheap, you might create them yourself. You can find tutorial videos online.

Don't look for upgrades. ake what comes with the chosen package. Changing tablecloths, chairs, carpets, etc will let you pay a fortune. Use fewer vendors. When you look into the wedding package of the hotel, check exactly what's included in the package and not invite extra vendors, if your wedding package has the required service already. In this case, you will save on delivery, and installation fees, using the sound system of the hotel with your chosen favorite songs will save some cash as well, as live bands, and musicians cost much more. Usually, the wedding venue offers wedding cake as well and you don't need to order it from some cake shop.

If you wish to have fireworks you should discuss it at the first meeting with your wedding planner, as the rates of them might shock you, and also it should be discussed with the venue, not all of them allow having fireworks. Drone photography has become popular the recent years. Also, you should get advice from the vendor or wedding organizer. Is advisable to hire a wedding planner for your destination wedding in Dubai, as if you stay out of the UAE it might be very difficult to host the party of your dreams without the event professionals.