Cozy modern loft wedding ideas

Are you tired of pink weddings? Are you feed up with soft shades and sweet romantic themes? You can choose the opposite option. A loft-themed wedding will be an excellent choice for those couples who want to create a cozy atmosphere and avoid commonplace themed celebrations. Let’s see how to arrange a stylish loft party.

Cozy Modern Loft Wedding Ideas

1. A venue. Here, a location plays a significant role. A “loft” style is generally characterized by a bit of negligence of the interior. Your hall should resemble an abandoned house or a hangar. The “loft” style welcomes masonry or walls covered with putty, wooden floor, and a bare ceiling where all girders are visible. However, while this style can be considered as a bad taste, nowadays, it gains popularity. If properly decorated, such venues look incredibly cozy and stylish.

2. Lighting. In this case, lighting is the second important thing. When you find an appropriate wedding venue, it’s time to think about lighting. Hanging bulbs against masonry or a puttied wall is one of the best ideas. It seems so easy, but this decoration will serve as the best photo zone. Be sure that your invitees will admire it.

Generally, the “loft” style is all about the combination of proper lighting and masonry/puttied walls. When it gets dark, and you light hung bulbs or lighting garlands, it seems that hundreds of glowworms are in the air.

3. Decoration. Although loft locations are rather specific, tables are decorated with a white or ivory tablecloth. Frequently, wooden chairs are chosen for guests. Flowers and greenery are usually used as a centerpieces on tables.

Lighting serves as the main decorative element. Frequently, designers use a canopy. If you find the location where girders are not hidden, you can hang airy fabrics on it.

4. Newlyweds’ outfits. A classic black suit for a groom and a white dress for a bride are perfect options for this type of celebration. However, it is possible to choose other clothes and create other outfits. For example, a groom can wear brown trousers with a white shirt, a tie-bow, and a checkered jacket.

A bride can choose a wedding dress of ivory or light-pink colors. She can put on the dress without hoops so that the skit of the dress flows. A wedding bouquet where white and green colors are prevailing is the best choice. It will be an excellent accessory for her wedding look.

This style of weddings is characterized by a lack of pomposity. That is why it is so popular. Nowadays, many couples want to avoid too glamorous and artsy celebrations. And for them, the “loft” style is perfect.