Essential details for a country style wedding

Recently, young people have been trying to move away from traditional weddings and come up with something more original and memorable. The modern wedding industry can satisfy any wishes of young people and come up with a wedding script for every taste, including a country-style wedding script. Such a wedding implies naturalness, the

Essential Details For A Country Wedding

hospitality of nature, and the comfort of a country house. Many people think that country is exclusively a village or a village, a wooden hut, the proximity of nature. The first thing that comes to mind when you decide to have a country-style wedding is why not organize a party in nature.

This is all true because a country wedding can take place in nature, in the country, in any country house, or in a restaurant with a country interior. If you want, you can organize such a wedding even in an open field by ordering a catering service. It all depends on financial resources and imagination. A country wedding can be organized anywhere, the main thing is to be resourceful. In-country style, the bride can look very interesting and original. Since the main notes of this style are rustic details, a little rough.

In an ensemble with a beautiful delicate dress of the bride, they create a very interesting impression. A country-style bride should look simple yet elegant at the same time. The dress can be of any color, the brighter the better. Choose cotton or linen for a country-style feel. For a country-style wedding, the following looks and additions to them are suitable: It is quite possible to use denim. For example, you can wear a light blue denim shirt. It will look great with cowboy boots and a wide belt. You can take not plain fabrics, but fabrics, for example with flowers.

Sunflower works well for the country. As additional accessories, you can choose dry spikelets of wheat, wooden decorations, and an uncomplicated bouquet of wildflowers. Groom in country style Many men dream of becoming cowboys since childhood. At a country-style wedding, they have every chance to fulfill their dream, because the most correct image for such a wedding is the image of a cowboy. You can wear jeans, a hat, a light-colored cotton shirt, boots. If vests are your thing, then this piece of wardrobe is great for the groom's look. If nevertheless, the young man adheres to traditions, then you can buy a suit, but preferably in a cage.

A country wedding is quite unusual in itself. To make your wedding perfect, you need to think through every little detail. A country-chic wedding will look good if everything is provided for to the smallest detail, from the suits of the bride and groom to the napkins on the festive table. After you have decided on the style of your wedding, it's time to send invitations to guests to make them understand not only your desire to share happy moments with them but also hint at what you expect from the costumes. Country-style wedding invitations are quite simple and inexpensive to make on your own. It is not necessary to buy any special paper.

It is enough to adhere to the following tips: Think in advance how many invitations there will be and, in accordance with this, purchase the necessary materials. Apply natural textures. For example, a spikelet of wheat or a leaf of a maple tree looks very good. And not only that, because nature surprises us with its diversity. Fabrics such as linen, leather, or cotton can be used. You can use coarse cloth bags where you put your invitation cards. Additionally, you can give a small compliment in the country style, because not everyone will be able to come to your wedding. You can write invitations on a plain white sheet by hand and wrap it like a small scroll with a small strip of linen or leather. Then you should think about what kind of decoration you want to do in the hall where the event will be held. The choice of a banquet hall can help a lot in decoration from the very beginning. For example, country-style furniture that is already in the room will allow you to buy less material to decorate the room.

The closer to nature the hall where you plan to hold the banquet, the fewer costs, and more naturalness. If you still need to work with the country-style design, then you should not despair. You can use wildflowers, draperies, natural fabrics. Here are some options for decorating the hall: A country-style wedding looks even better if the wedding takes place under an arch of fresh flowers. Have a banquet outdoors with a tent. Use garlands. Crystal chandeliers will create an additional atmosphere of comfort and warmth. How to decorate a country-style festive table The impression of a wedding largely depends on the festive table

If you want to convince your guests that your wedding is certainly organized in a country style, then the table should be decorated with the appropriate ones. You can prepare knitted napkins, lace, wooden dishes, and many other details. Instead of tablecloths, you can use a light fabric that will touch the floor itself, and linen strips or towels can be stretched along with this fabric. On the tables, you can put rough silver candlesticks, bouquets with delicate flowers, candles. Let each guest have a knitted napkin, like in the village. Compositions of dried flowers and straw will look beautiful. A future husband and wife should provide a lot of things, including such important details:

Country style is all about simple wildflowers along with beautiful grasses growing in the field. The most daring can decorate the bride's bouquet with vegetables. A bouquet of field daisies looks very good at a country-style wedding. A wedding cake can be made in the form of a flower bed or flowerpot. Culinary experts will be able to make any of your dreams come true. Wedding photo session. There is where to roam. Photos can be taken either in the village or in the field. Wherever! A photo session in the hayloft, which embodies country style, will be interesting. You can take pictures together, with friends, with relatives. In the future, these photos will be able to revive your memories and return to the former romance. Country style wedding is a return to your roots and at the same time an original idea that did not get bored. Such a wedding will be remembered for a long time by all guests and the newlyweds themselves. It is not necessary to leave a traditional wedding, you can easily dilute the classics with country-style elements.