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The average cost of a wedding in Dubai

In such a multifaceted city as Dubai, there are many options for celebrating a wedding for every taste. Based on your wishes or whims, you can choose the azure coast by the sea, the roof of a high-rise, or approach the issue in an original way and get married in the desert. The choice of one of the presented options should be carried out depending

The Average Cost Of A Wedding In Dubai

on the theme of the wedding and the financial capabilities of the newlyweds.

On the beach

The coast of the Gulf is the best fit for a festive event: snow-white sand, warm sea, and cool breeze will effortlessly create a romantic mood. Such a ceremony will be appropriate during the day, but you can wait and arrange it against the sunset, then it will be just magical! Perhaps, after the wedding, it is worth organizing a small buffet right on the street, the weather in the evening in the UAE pleases with its soft warmth.

Wedding in the desert

Do you want an unusual way of organizing a wedding ceremony? Arrange it in the desert! Why not, because this place has its own charm: an unusual landscape of dunes of flowing sand, an abundance of the sun will surely be remembered by all guests, and the event will rightfully become the most unusual.

On a yacht or a motor ship

The waters of the bay are suitable for wedding ceremonies no less than the desert sands. Modern yachts or a motor ship will be at your service. Splashes of seawater and light rocking will set up the newlyweds and guests in a special romantic mood. Unfortunately, the number of seats provided by one vessel is limited. But this has its advantages: you don't have to share this happy moment with anyone. And if you make a route correctly, you will be able to combine business with pleasure: consider all the places worthy of attention and capture the most secluded corners of the city.

The scenario of a wedding ceremony in Dubai

In order for the celebration to be perfect, it makes sense to prepare a script in advance or use the standard template given below:

The morning of the holiday. It includes the preparatory stage for the ceremony: the creation of a magical image of the beautiful bride with the help of a team of professional stylists, the groom's fees.

The main part. It can be divided into such stages as the exciting expectation of the newlywed at the decorative flower arch, the appearance of a charming bride, trembling steps towards a joint future along a path strewn with flower petals, the solemn speech of the presenter showing the seriousness of the moment, the union of two hearts together and the cherished long-awaited "yes".

At this moment, rings are exchanged, the first kiss of the new husband and wife, and the solemn speech of the master of ceremonies, wishing the young as much joy and happiness as sand in the desert surrounding the city.

Buffet. Despite the rather hot weather, it is necessary to take care of the organization of the buffet: emotions alone will not satisfy all those invited. It is worth giving preference to light snacks and refreshing drinks, after which you can start a photoshoot.

The banquet. After a walk and a romantic photoshoot, the newlyweds and their guests go to a restaurant, where each guest presents gifts to the young and expresses warm parting words. All this is combined with a festive feast, where a cheerful toastmaster will not let anyone get bored. Interesting contests, performances by musicians, and various shows will add zest to the celebration of this day.

The end of the celebration. You can end the evening romantically, as it began: a slow dance of the bride and groom. After that, it is worth thanking all the relatives and friends who shared this joyful day with you. Now guests are waiting for their rooms, and a young family is waiting for their wedding night in their apartments.

How much does a wedding in Dubai cost

In the modern world, a wedding on another corner of the planet is the same affordable event as any other. Sometimes even a holiday in another country is much cheaper because not all guests have the opportunity to go on a trip with you. But the emotional component of such a celebration is incomparable with anything that is much more valuable.

On average, the price of the symbolic wedding for two in Dubai:

Wedding in the desert - $ 2800.

A symbolic ceremony on the beach, including a romantic dinner - from $ 3,000.

If desired, you can expand the package of services provided and add live music, entertainment, luxury car service to it. You need to talk to a photographer and videographer in advance to discuss the desired result and working conditions.

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