Summer wedding ideas to keep your guests cool

Summer is the most popular season for weddings. But with the sun and warm weather, heat comes. Thus, if you arrange a wedding on a hot wedding day, be ready to offer certain accessories or food that will make your guests cool. In this article, let’s see what it can be. There are several sections that require attention.

Summer Wedding Ideas


1. Ice cream. It is an excellent dessert that can be served in the middle of the celebration. Let the staff distribute small glass jars with ice cream decorated with edible sparkles or toping. Every guest will be glad to eat a few spoons of a delicious sweet dessert and feel chill.

2. Cocktail Popsicles. It is a popular edible idea for hot summer days. It does not only taste delicious but also looks stylish and beautiful. It is a mix of a cocktail and ice cream or ice fruit. Such cocktails will not only be an excellent option for keeping invitees cool but also serve as the perfect decoration for a party.

3. Jell-O shots. This is an excellent way to serve alcohol at your party. It looks modern and incredibly beautiful. All your guests will like it. Moreover, it is the perfect option to cool your invitees.

4. Refreshing cocktails. Ice beverages served during a wedding party will be an excellent choice that will keep your guests cool and cheerful.


1. Indoor locations. If you choose an indoor venue, make sure that it is equipped with an air-conditioning system.

2. Open lounge areas. Outdoor venues with a canopy will be the perfect option as they will cover guests from the sun and help keep a venue cool. In a combination with ice beverages or desserts, such a party will be successful and your invitees won’t suffer from the heat.

3. Tents. One more popular option that helps keep a chilled atmosphere and covers the wedding venue from a heating sun.


1. Umbrellas. If you arrange an outside wedding ceremony, then it is advisable to install umbrellas so that they cover guests’ chairs from the sun.

2. Parasols. It is a portable umbrella. They are usually stylish and perfectly suit wedding decorations. Thus, you can give a parasol to every couple or guest upon their arrival to make sure that they won’t have sunstroke.

3. Fans. A small fan will be an excellent tool that will help keep invitees cool. It is portable and does not take a lot of space, so guests will be able to put it on a table while a banquet.

There are various options for how not to make your guests suffer from the heat. You can either choose only one of the above-mentioned options or combine them. For example, it is possible to distribute fans and serve ice-cold beverages.