How to choose groom and groomsmen attire

Modern fashion designers are ready to offer a great variety of outfits for not only brides and bridesmaids but also grooms and groomsmen. In this article, let’s consider the solemn outfits of menfolk.

How To Choose Groom And Groomsmen Attire

What should you keep in mind while making a wedding outfit?

1. Color. It is necessary to pay attention to colors. If your wedding has a particular style or is made in a certain color palette, then it is important to choose the right color that will match the whole wedding theme. One more point is the bridal dress. It is necessary to know what color her gown has.

The chosen season also plays a significant role. For winter or autumn, dark suits are preferable, while for summer weddings, it is possible to choose any colors.

Taking into account these features, it is possible to choose a suitable garment. A black suit is traditionally a classic one. But nowadays, grooms prefer such colors as brown or dark blue.

2. A tie or a bow tie. It’s up to you and your personal preference. Although a tie looks more formal and businesslike, it is a classic option. A bow tie is a popular accessory nowadays. Do not forget that you’ll have to attach a boutonniere to your jacket, so make sure that both elements match each other.

3. Fabrics. When you choose wedding attire, keep in mind the season. If it is summer, then your outfit should be as light and breathable as possible. For cold seasons, it is necessary to choose dense textiles that will keep you warm at the wedding.

4. Comfort. When choosing a groom's outfit, make sure that you feel comfortable in it. Sit, wrap your hands, and check your trousers for folds. Do not forget that you’ll have to dance, have fun, and spend the whole day in the chosen suit, so it should be comfortable and not hinder movements.

5. Shoes. It is preferable to choose monotonous shoes without pattern or decor. Pants should cover a few centimeters of shoes.

When speaking about groomsmen, they should stick to the same rules. They should choose their outfits taking into account wedding decorations and the general style.

The main detail of every wedding suit is that it should perfectly fit your figure. It should not have any extra volume or centimeters. Remember that not every attire that comprises a jacket can be worn at a wedding. It is advisable to choose specialized saloons or shops where assistants will help choose the right outfit.

Do not forget that if your wedding implies a certain dress code, do not forget to specify this information on invitation cards.