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Most common wedding color mistakes to avoid

The color scheme plays a key role in wedding decor: a festive wedding mood can easily be spoiled by too dark or bright colors. Be careful! In order to avoid some mistakes during color choice, in this article, we will consider the most common ones.

Most Common Wedding Color Mistakes

1. A wrong base color. Nowadays, brides prefer choosing light shades (champagne, beige, cream, ivory) as the basic ones. However, if you choose the wrong tone, the design will look lifeless or, conversely, clumsy, too vivid. To prevent this from happening, use one neutral shade as the base color and complement it with brighter ones. Here are some tips for choosing a base color:

- The base color should match the wedding dress of a bride.

- If the interior of a venue already has beige, white or any other basic shade – take it as a basis.

2. Too many colors. We know how hard it is to choose only a few shades from the entire color palette. But the best balance can be achieved using only two or three basic colors. Otherwise, your wedding can be confused with a masquerade. There are several rules for drawing the color palette:

- If there are two colors, then their percentage should be 70/30 or 60/40 so that one of them will be the main, and the other – is additional.

- All chosen colors should have either cold or warm shades. The mix of cold and warm shades will not look attractive.

3. Styles confusion. When you develop the style, the main thing you should consider is your personality, character, and taste. It is recommended to choose one single style or mix two options in order to not overload the decor.

One more interesting option is an unexpected mix of textures. One can combine such textures as tulle and velvet, or create something unusual using lace and burlap.

4. Be careful with shades combinations

Some couples are afraid that they will match colors in the wrong way. In such cases, it is advisable to turn to specialists. However, it is quite possible to cope with the problem themselves. Use the color wheel. It perfectly demonstrates what shades can be added to the basic color. For example, you choose the basic tone and look at which shades match it according to the color wheel.

5. Consider the interior of a venue when choosing colors. Some couples prefer choosing the color design before finding the right venue. Thus, they do not take into account the interior of the chosen venue. It is a real mistake. Each banquet hall has its own style and color scheme. Thus, in such cases, a conflict of styles may occur. That is why it is so important to develop the color scheme keeping in mind the design of the wedding venue.

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