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Common destination wedding mistakes

If you are planning to arrange a wedding abroad, you should know what difficulties you may encounter. After all, an intelligent person learns from the mistakes of others!

Common Destination Wedding Mistakes

Keep in mind the following common mistakes when organizing your destination wedding.

1. Start planning your wedding in just a few months. If your dream is to have a wedding abroad, you should significantly expand the preparation time. Firstly, it is guaranteed that you’ll reserve your favorite date and book a venue. Secondly, additional organizational issues related to documents collection require more time.

2. Not to use services provided by your national specialists. Although it is possible to hire the staff in a destination country, it will be cheaper to bring specialists of your native state with you. Moreover, it happens that different nations perceive decorations in different ways. Thus, you can be disappointed with the chosen decor or wedding attributes. The same thing concerns a bridal makeup, hairstyle. If you still do not want to use your native employees, discuss thoroughly all the smallest details with the chosen specialist.

3. Not to make an inspection visit. In order not to encounter unexpected surprises, it is not enough to choose a wedding venue judging by the photo. Skilled employees recommend making one or even several inspection visits in order to agree on all the details in advance.

4. Not to take into account the difference in mentality. When organizing a destination wedding, it is important to consider those traditions that are accepted in the country where the event takes place. It is advisable to add them to the wedding program. It is possible to use such features in the decor. For example, designers use symbolic elements that are associated with the country (such as an olive branch for Montenegro).

5. Refuse wedding agencies’ services. The professional is aware of all the underlying potential problems that a couple may face while preparing a destination wedding. Such companies will help partners avoid these problems. In addition, they always have premade services packages. The couple can choose any option or combine several of them.

If you want to make your destination wedding hassle-free, pleasant, and memorable, make sure that you do not make the above-mentioned mistakes. Being aware of these 5 points, the couple will avoid lots of nasty trouble.

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