All white themed wedding

Although, recently, different color schemes have been used more often when organizing a wedding, a white wedding is still a classic option. Lightness, airiness, the tenderness is associated with it. Why not use this color as your primary color? The meaning of this color lies in the deep traditions of the wedding, showing the purity of the

All White Themed Wedding

relationship between the bride and groom, the lightness and bright future of the newlyweds.

This color is universal, suitable for any season, and goes well with any other color you choose. So, if your celebration is in the warm season - add bright accents in yellow, red, and green colors. In winter, cold colors are well suited - blue and deep blue. At the same time, the cold winter can be warmed by adding notes of chocolate and coffee shades.

The combination of white and gold will make the wedding elegant and graceful. The fashionable style of the Great Gatsby is the addition of black, silver, and purple. The classic black and white version will add chic Coco Chanel style. White with a transparent pink tint will look the most delicate and airy. And if you add a lot of green to white and use the beauty of decorative moss and cotton in the design, you will get an eco-style that breathes nature and its purity.

When choosing options for invitations, it is essential to adhere to a given theme because it is through it that guests can see the style and color of the future celebration. If your invitations will be in the form of postcards or cards, then it is pretty appropriate to decorate them with white ribbons, lace, pearls, or flowers. Important! If you have chosen any other color in addition to white, for example, red, then it would be appropriate to make accents of this color on the invitation card. For instance, it can be a small red heart, a frame, or a flower attached to the front side.

The banquet hall will look luxurious and elegant, whether you choose a pure white color or decide to add accents in a different color. If your wedding will take place in the summer and outdoors, a large-scale white tent, under the dome of which light lights and flower arrangements are stretched, would be an excellent solution. On the tables there should be snow-white tablecloths, lace napkins, you can arrange large white candles, vases, glasses, and dishes put covers on chairs with tied satin ribbons, transparent white tulles on the windows - all this will add even more charm to your holiday.

The arch for newlyweds can also be decorated with flowers of this color, intertwined with branches of a spreading willow, or paved with many white balloons combined with transparent ones. On a note! If you have chosen an additional color, for example, light blue or blue, then you can add elements of this color to the decor. It can be boarding cards, napkins, or flowers. For such a wedding, a white limousine is ideal, or another car that suits the style of the wedding.

There are a lot of decoration options. Traditional swans on car roofs, satin ribbons tied on the hood, lace, carvings, pearls, and bows in delicate shades fit here. Choice of clothes and colors When choosing a dress, white can be replaced with any of its shades, for example, pale blue, delicate pink, silver-ash. The look will complement various accessories: transparent tulle trimmed with pearls and snow-white boats made of soft leather.

As for the groom, a white or black suit can be chosen here, in both cases, it will look excellent because this is a classic. White orchids diluted with cotton sprigs will give chic. For dessert, the white color can be ideally used when decorating a sweet table at a wedding.

Such splendor of taste and image will please your guests. These are airy marshmallows, cupcakes with cream, cakes covered with powdered sugar, meringues, and marshmallows. Even if you do not add other shades, it will all look extraordinary!