Choosing the wedding ring for the groom

The choice of engagement rings is one of the most enjoyable and crucial moments of a wedding preparatory process. The custom of putting a ring on a ring finger has come down to our times from the ancient Romans, who believed that a so-called “vein of love” leading directly to the heart is inside this finger. Here are useful tips that will help choose the best wedding band.

Choosing The Wedding Ring For The Groom

1. Decide on metal. First of all, decide on the metal from which the band will be made – yellow, white or red gold, silver, or platinum. Or maybe you like modern combinations: silver-copper, silver-rhodium, and various compositions from colored gold. If we talk about the most popular metals, now it is white and pink gold, platinum, and palladium.

A tip! Remember what metal jewelry you wear most often. This will help a lot since now you have to combine them with a wedding ring.

2. Wedding ring size. How to choose a wedding ring size? When choosing a ring, remember that it is designed for long daily wear. Accordingly, the ring should not fall, but also should not squeeze the finger. This, at least, is not aesthetically pleasing, and can also negatively affect health.

Do not forget that in the cold season, fingers become narrower, while in the hot season, they become puffier. Pay attention to the features of your physique.

If you are prone to frequent changes in weight or swelling, be sure to consider this when choosing the band.

3. A band with or without gems. According to a tradition, an engagement ring is made without stones and inscriptions "so that life is smooth." If you think this is a relic of the past – feel free to consider the option of rings with gems.

4. Finger shape and length. For men, it is recommended to choose wedding rings with a width of 3-7 mm.

5. Pay attention to hallmarks. The higher the hallmark, the more expensive the product will be. At the same time, with an increase in the hallmark, the softness of the metal also increases. That is, the ring will be more prone to deformation.

Thus, ring hallmark 585 will be significantly more wear-resistant than ring hallmark 750. However, the second option will have a brighter color and luster. In any case, it’s up to you which option to choose.

6. Style of the band. Quite often, sweethearts prefer to choose the same style of rings. But what if the bride and groom did not find the cherished match that would satisfy the wishes of both partners? Ask a salesperson to choose the rings that will have common features and match together.