Chocolate inspired wedding ideas

A chocolate-themed wedding is a wonderful way to show your personality and make the celebration extremely interesting. Perhaps there are no people in the world who are indifferent to this delicacy, so your wedding promises to be the most memorable!

Chocolate Inspired Wedding Ideas

Wedding decoration

Real gourmets-newlyweds can surprise their guests with fantastically chic decoration of the banquet hall in the style of chocolate. In the design, of course, all shades of chocolate should be present: brown, cappuccino, coffee with milk, as well as golden, cream and silver. These shades will create a delicious atmosphere and cheer everyone up.

Or you can experiment and turn the banquet hall into a Willy Wonka chocolate factory. Decorate everything with real chocolates or huge dummy chocolates hanging from the ceiling, arrange chocolate fountains, and dress up the waiters in costumes.

By the way, chocolate fountains are in high demand at weddings today, and you definitely can't do without them at a "chocolate wedding". Delicious streams of chocolate slowly flow down the cascading bowls and each guest can dip a piece of cookies, fruit or marshmallows into the streams of goodies.

Brown, cream, coffee and golden balls can also be used to decorate a chocolate-style wedding. Beige or chocolate tablecloths should be laid on the tables, and cream or brown covers should be put on the chairs.

Also in the design of the wedding, you can use milky white roses and cream gerberas decorated with decorative brown twigs. And you can order bouquets of chocolates.


The menu of a chocolate-style wedding banquet must necessarily include this delicacy in various variations. It can be a real revelation for guests that chocolate dishes can be not only sweet, but also spicy or salty.

As a main course, you can choose dishes with cream sauce, for example, spaghetti Carbonara, or choose exotic recipes - chicken in chocolate, beef with vegetables and chocolate, risotto with mascarpone and bitter chocolate. Chocolate fondue is suitable for an appetizer, eclairs and chocolate mousse for dessert, chocolate cocktails and cocktails with coffee and chocolate liqueurs as drinks. Well, the highlight of the evening should be a wedding cake, which must certainly be chocolate.


Invitations, seating cards and other stationery should also be decorated in chocolate tones. Together with invitations, you can send chocolate bars to guests, or even better, contact a specialized chocolate boutique. Many of them today offer to send invitations in chocolate boxes or figurines. The invitation is twisted and hidden inside the edible figurine.

As a thank-you bonbonnieres, you can order chocolates with the image of your photo on the wrapper. Handmade soap with chocolate flavor will also be a wonderful gift for guests.


Transport should also fit into the chocolate theme, so choose cream or brown limousines. A white retro car will look very nice. The car can be decorated with sweets instead of flowers, and the handles can be wrapped with foil.

Music and Entertainment

As a musical accompaniment for the evening, it is best to make a selection of songs with the word chocolate, and also choose groups with mouth-watering sweet names - Hot Chocolate, Sugarbabes, etc. Ask the toastmaster to link contests with a chocolate theme, and give out chocolate medals and sweets to the winners. You can arrange an interesting show by inviting a caricature artist who will draw your caricature with real chocolate instead of pencils.


A cream luxurious fluffy dress with a coffee decor or a milk-colored fish dress that emphasizes the silhouette is ideal for the bride. Under the dress, it is best to choose shoes, jewelry and a golden tiara. And bridesmaids can be dressed up in coffee-colored satin dresses. A classic suit with a brown tie and shoes is perfect for the groom.