Elegant Coco Chanel inspired wedding theme

Coco Chanel was a fantastic woman, thanks to her the very concepts of elegance and femininity changed. The main thing for Mademoiselle Coco has always been impeccable taste and sophistication. Today Coco Chanel is a brand that meets the tastes of millions of women who prefer refinement and luxury along with comfort. Coco Chanel's wedding

Elegant Coco Chanel Inspired Wedding Theme

dresses amaze with their diversity, simplicity, and at the same time elegance. Choosing a wedding in the style of Coco Chanel, you should know some of the nuances.

The main shades appropriate for organizing a celebration in this style are white, black, and also pale pink. You can diversify these colors using additions in beige, dark brown, or grey tones.

A newlywed Coco Chanel style … must be impeccable in everything: from dress and accessories to hairstyling and makeup. The main rule for choosing a wedding dress is its impeccable fit, not its high cost.

It follows that it is better to prefer a classic white or milky dress with a simple silhouette and no flashy decor. A good alternative can be a strict trouser set, in addition to which you can pick up an unusual accessory. It can be a voluminous bracelet, a brooch, or a pearl necklace (it should be noted that Madame Chanel has always loved to use pearls as jewelry).

Let's remember that Coco Chanel achieved the first success in the fashion world with the production of ladies' hats to order, so an original hat may well become an alternative to a veil. And, of course, the alluring aroma number 5 will become the highlight of every bride. When choosing accessories to create a unique look, remember the advice from Coco Chanel that when leaving home you need to take off one accessory to make your look perfect. As jewelry, pearls or small graceful jewelry made of gold or silver will be an ideal solution. Bulky earrings and necklaces don't match Coco's style.

Every bride in a Chanel dress will look stylish and graceful. It can be a classic style white dress, preferably a simple cut. The main thing is a harmonious combination with luxurious accessories. For girls who prefer an ordinary wedding, the Chanel fashion house recommends sophisticated tweed sheath dresses, complemented by light (cream color) jackets. Particular emphasis is placed on the necessary accessories that are relevant in the cold season of the year. For young brides, a small dress with a regular round collar, which will emphasize the purity and youthfulness of a young beauty, can be an excellent choice.

A lacy sheath dress that will effectively fit the figure of the bride will give the girl's image charm and sexuality, highlighting all the charming shapes favorably. A very interesting outfit is a dress (pink) that opens the shoulders and has a skirt decorated with several folds decorated with a black bow. A sophisticated image of the bride can be created from a wedding dress: a long white sheath dress, decorated with gold embroidery or silver with Roman sandals, complemented by satin ties

A magical wedding dress is a combination of a dress made of iridescent natural milk-colored silk and airy chiffon. The top of the dress, luxuriously decorated with drapery, reveals the neckline and back, and the ruffles of light chiffon, oblique cut line, beautifully descend to the bottom. The combination of matte satin and the finest tulle, complemented by a white swan down stole, was successfully used by Karl Lagerfeld to create a mermaid-style wedding dress. Coco Chanel loved pastel shades, so this also applies to the creation of a wedding bouquet.

An excellent choice would be a mono-bouquet made of the same flowers: roses, anemones or (Madame Chanel's favorite) camellias. The bouquet, composed in the original white and black color scheme, is ideal for a strict wedding dress. In order to add romance to the accessory, it is appropriate to use soft pink elements (ribbon or brooch on the leg). As for the outfit of the groom, his image should correspond to the image of an elegant companion.

It is worth stopping the choice on a black suit and a white shirt, complementing this combination with a tie or bow tie. In addition, patent leather shoes are ideal, as well as some accessories: watches, gloves, cufflinks in black and white. A boutonniere corresponding to the chosen brand will complete the resulting look. According to Coco Chanel herself, the man accompanying her is the best accessory for a woman. Bridesmaids should also "fit in" with the theme of the wedding, choosing appropriate outfits for themselves. Black cocktail dresses are ideal, complemented by matching jewelry, elegant hats, small handbags and, of course, Chanel shoes.

Coco Chanel wedding décor should use fabrics that match the style in shades (black, white, and pink) and luxurious pearl strands. Sewing items will be a good addition: boxes for ladies' hats, mannequins, etc. The presence of fresh flowers in the wedding decoration will add elegance to the interior. They can decorate wedding tables as well as be placed around the perimeter of the hall. The main thing is to observe restraint in the interior. Beautiful crystal and porcelain tableware and silver cutlery will add austere sophistication to the wedding table.

The well-known shades of Chanel (black, white, and, of course, pink) should also be present in the design of wedding invitations. Pearls attached to the face of the invitations will add elegance. Vintage postcards with views of the capital of France, graceful female silhouettes, etc. will look perfect. The scent of perfume emanating from the invitations will add charm, mystery, and luxury. The same style should be present in everything: wedding menu, table numbers for guests, seating cards, etc.

Bottles of perfume for beautiful ladies, and cigars or souvenir bottles with expensive alcohol for gallant gentlemen will be ideal gifts for guests. Boxes, black and white, filled with sweets can be offered as bonbonnieres. Among other things, it is necessary to take into account that the wedding cake, as well as the treats for the candy bar, must correspond to the wedding style. That is, beauty and sophistication should be present in everything.

Perhaps it will be cakes, on which the Chanel mark will be applied with cream, or maybe original cookies made in the form of an elegant shoe, etc. A wedding cake can be made in black and white or pink, and pearls or the Chanel brand symbol will be an appropriate decoration. About champagne As the main drink, French brands champagne will be an excellent choice. At a Coco Chanel wedding, entertainment for guests must be carefully thought out.

For example:

- a perfume bar, where guests can be offered a perfume master class and given the opportunity to enjoy incomparable aromas;

- a mini fashion show is a great event in which all the girls present will certainly want to participate.

As for the musical accompaniment, the blues and jazz music that immerse you in the atmosphere of the romantic 20s of the past century can be an ideal choice for such an event.

A great idea for a photo session would be to shoot a horse ride (which, by the way, Coco Chanel loved very much!) And a small picnic in nature. Such wedding photos will become a decoration of the album. A Coco Chanel wedding is an excellent choice for connoisseurs of beauty. Such a ceremony will become an unforgettable event for all participants of the event, immersing them in the atmosphere of the high society of Coco Chanel. The main thing is to adhere to the principles of a woman known to the whole world and remember that every nuance must correspond to impeccable taste.