Celebrity wedding inspiration ideas

Some celebrities choose extraordinary and creative ideas for their weddings. Some of such wedding themes shock, while others cause admiration. We’ve created a list of most unexpected ideas that made many couples steal their wedding themes.

Celebrity Wedding Inspiration Ideas

1. Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. They state that they made their wedding for children. It was the kids’ wish. And two adult people decided to please their children. Thus, kids were the main decorators and stylists of their celebration. Their wedding lacked famous guests, shooting cameras, celebrity singers, etc. Angelina wore a dress with children doodle. It was a cozy party with a lot of joy, children’s laugh, and smiles.

2. Heidi and Seal. They were one of those couples who made a beach wedding. He wore shorts and a T-shirt. She put on a white dress with a deep neckline. She opted many little braids as her wedding hairstyle. It was a thematic wedding with a few invitees.

3. Sean Parker. He and his beloved chose a forest theme wedding. And when the world saw their wedding photos, everyone admired and loved them. His wife wore a gorgeous nude dress with a train and looked like a real Forest Nymph. They perfectly fitted the theme of their celebration. The party was like real magic. Guests couldn’t stop admiring newlyweds and the chosen decoration. If you’re looking for a creative wedding theme, pay attention to forest inspiration.

4. William and Kate. The whole world followed news about their celebration. A royal wedding was full of unexpected ideas and inspiration. Kate chose an elegant and sophisticated outfit for the ceremony and looked truly royal. She showed how simplicity can look elegant and graceful.

5. François-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek. The couple made their rehearsal dinner as a masked ball. All guests should have a black-and-gold mask. They turned their celebration into a Venetian party. And everybody enjoyed it. It was an unexpected idea that surprised everybody. A themed wedding was decorated according to all rules of the Venetian era, and the venue reminded of an opera house.