Celebrity engagement party on a budget tips

When you realize that you’re engaged, and your feelings come back to normal ones, it is time to think about the upcoming event and all the related hustles. An engagement party is a celebration aimed at telling your relatives and friends that you’re going to get married. Thus, this is one more party before your wedding celebration. Let’s see how to make it truly royal and spend less than fortune on it.

Celebrity Engagement Party On Budget

1. Make a list of invitees. Usually, an engagement party is a celebration for the closest relatives and friends. It is not necessary to invite all the people who are going to be present at your wedding. Usually, both parents, bosom friends, sisters/brothers, grandparents are included in this list. Thus, such a party comprises up to 10-15 guests. If you want to make it celeb-worthy, it is better to invite fewer people but to spend more money on other aspects of the party.

2. Determine your budget. Remember that after an engagement party you have a wedding. A significant amount of money will be spent on it. Thus, when you have to arrange a wedding, it is difficult to find extra money for one more party. So, you should clearly know how much money you can afford for arranging an engagement party.

3. Find a venue. As you’re done with the budget and the list of invitees, it’s time to choose the right location to announce your upcoming wedding. One of the most appropriate options will be an open-air party (for a warm season) or a homemade family dinner. Cafes are considered too commonplace and outdated; they are rather boring. A family dinner will be an excellent idea as you’ll have an opportunity to chat, make new acquaintances (if not all family members know each other).

4. Choose decoration. This is the most expensive part of the party. The main thing is to decorate the chosen venue so that it looks perfect and celeb-worthy. You can hire designers who can make your boldest ideas a reality. Thus, you’ll be sure that they will cope with their job without any problems. And you’ll get the desired result.

If you choose an outdoor location, pay attention to lanterns, garlands of lighting bulbs, and similar options for lighting. They will look incredibly cozy and romantic. For a family dinner, do not forget to add candles with linen to highlight a touching moment and create a delicate atmosphere.

5. Menu. The next step is making a wedding menu. Decide whether you want to cook yourself or order food. It will be cheaper to cook yourself, but it takes too much time. If you do not have much free time, it is better to order some dishes. But if you’re good at cooking and do it with pleasure, you can save money and let guests taste your homemade dishes.