Ways to Use Candles as Wedding Decor

Wedding decor plays an important role in creating a festive, delicate, and romantic atmosphere while celebrating. What design options for a wedding hall to choose?

Ways To Use Candles As Wedding Decor

Pay attention to candles. Candles in wedding decor are insanely beautiful objects that can be combined with flowers and other decorative elements, creating stunning compositions. They have long been considered the main symbols of a romantic nature and love. Let’s consider how to use candles to create a delicate and unforgettable atmosphere for the holiday:

1. The table setting. With candles, any wedding dinner will sparkle with new colors. You can either make them the central decor element or combine them with other details. If you choose the combination of flowers with candles, make sure that candlesticks match the flowers’ colors. Thin antique candles will be the best option for combinations with classic or "garden" flower compositions while thicker and more voluminous options are best chosen for informal styles: rustic, country. Candles can also be an excellent option for decorating long tables: you can make a path through the entire table from candles of different heights or add them to an existing flower garland.

2. The ceremony. Due to the use of candles for the ceremony, it is possible to get away from the classic version. Light hundreds of candles and organize an evening ceremony for your guests. In this case, to create a romantic atmosphere, you will need only candles and your warm feelings. Candles can serve as a substitute for the classic arch or background for the daytime registration. Choose candlesticks of different heights or use alternative options for stands: chandeliers, jars, stumps, stepladders, and chest of drawers or even a piano will do! Candles can also decorate the path to the altar.

3. Gifts for guests. It's an often tradition when newlyweds make small gifts for their guests to thank them for joining their celebration. Candles can be a good option for a present.

4. A seating plan. Tie the miniatures of the seating plan to candles and give them to guests at the entrance.

5. A wedding cake. If you use candles in the design of your wedding cake, be sure that they will be unique and creative. Put small candles on the edges of the cake’s layers or its top and add some fruits or flowers.

6. Evening lighting. If you want to create a delicate and romantic atmosphere, give preference to candlelight. In addition, “floating” candles add an incredible play of light to the walls and ceiling during the banquet. And, of course, refined candles in tall candlesticks create an atmosphere of grandeur and aristocracy.