How to choose the wedding engagement ring?

A wedding ring is not a mere piece of jewelry, but an exhibition of your love, commitment, and faithfulness. Like your relationship, your wedding rings should be beautiful, unique, and enduring. Unlike it is with engagement rings, there is no touch of surprise in buying wedding rings, because they are purchased by a couple together after long discussions, comparisons, and, inevitably, lots of hesitation. In this guide, we offer some practical tips on how to pick a wedding ring and never go wrong.

How to choose the wedding engagement ring

Never go for wedding ring shopping if you’re sleepy, out of sorts or tired. Finding the right bands is a time and effort-consuming process, so you should be well-prepared for it. Your alliance rings don’t have to be identical, but it is better if they are made from the same metal and have common elements in a design, such as meaningful engravings. Most brides make the mistake of buying a wedding ring to suit their wedding gear, which is not very wise. Your wedding ring is meant to be worn every day, so it makes sense to pick up the one that will match your casuals.

How to choose the perfect wedding ring size? Size is the first thing you should pay attention to when purchasing your wedding bands. Just like the weight, the thickness of human fingers slightly fluctuates several times during a day. Refrain from buying a wedding ring if you have recently:

• Consumed a lot of salty or fatty meal;

• Drunk too much liquid;

• Had extensive physical loads;

• Taken water pills.

Also, you should remember that during the swelter, your fingers may get thinner, while during cold weathers, your fingers may plump out a bit. The optimal time to determine your finger size is the end of a day when the finger thickness gets its real value. If the thickness of your finger is between two sizes, then opt for bigger. The diameter of a wedding ring should be slightly wider than the thickness of your finger. The ring should sit tight enough on the finger, but, at the same time, it should easily slide along the joint. If your joint is wider than your finger, then choose a ring to fit the size of your joint.

Red gold wedding rings are a timeless classic, but it doesn’t mean that this material should be your ultimate choice. Jewelry shops offer a plethora of metals and alloys for wedding rings, and no one can say which one is the most fascinating and durable. There is no right or wrong answer to “what metal is better for a wedding ring?” – it is only a matter of preference. If you often wear silver accessories, then a white gold wedding ring is right for you. If you love showcasing your sophisticated taste, then decide in favor of an exquisite and gorgeous platinum wedding ring. There is a reason why platinum wedding rings cost higher – they do not tarnish over time. If you want to be original, pitch upon mixed-metal designs such as blends of rose, white, and yellow gold. Extravagant-minded couples may take a fancy for titanium wedding rings. This metal is very symbolic, too, because it is extra durable and cannot be scratched.

Classical plain bands are more and more frequently regarded as banal, too predictable forms for wedding rings; which is why couples prefer intricate or even quirky designs with lots of fine elements and twists for their wedding rings. If you gravitate towards something extraordinaire, do not forget that wedding rings lead a very active life: they can develop scratches, become dirty or lose their sparkle. Don’t be tempted by a beautiful outward look but ask yourself whether the selected ring will stand the test of everyday use?

Wedding rings with gems are all the rage today, and you too are much likely to want a pretty little thing with a precious stone or multiple. Gems not only make a wedding ring more attractive and valuable but add much symbolism to it, as well. For instance:

• a diamond symbolizes purity and sincerity;

• sapphire has a magical power to bring material wealth, calmness, and patience to a new family;

• Ruby is said to give spouses endless passion and unfailing love;

• a topaz will protect your family against betrays;

• emerald is a token of longevity and health.

Another hottest trend is matching engagement and wedding rings with an explicit connection between the two embellishments. The unified look is generally achieved by having the same metal and design elements in both rings. To facilitate your choice, there are ready-made bridal sets with engagement and wedding rings, producing a stunning duet. Moreover, most jewelry retailers offer trio sets where a wedding ring for a groom is also included, and all their rings ideally complement each other. Now, when you’re armed with essential knowledge, go for your wedding rings shopping and buy the pieces that will last decades down the line just like your love and dedication to each other!