Buffet-style wedding reception

All brides and grooms want to turn the celebration into an unforgettable event where every guest will feel comfortable. Buffets replaced formal banquets. Newlyweds choose this option for a wedding quite frequently.

The buffet is a party where meals are on tables, and guests choose dishes. Guests can put food

Buffet-Style Wedding Reception

on plates themselves, or the waiter does it.

Why is this kind of celebration so popular?

- Firstly, it eliminates a formal ceremony and serving dishes according to strict timing.

- Secondly, this type of catering is budgetary.

- Thirdly, guests can choose appetizers, snacks, and desserts according to their taste and not wait for the waiter to bring out their favorite delicacy.

A buffet-style reception is perfect for summer weddings. Outdoors is the most convenient way to organize this type of party. In this case, it is possible to grill vegetables and meat and immediately serve hot dishes to guests. But even if the wedding is held in the cold season, you can rent a banquet hall, make tables with treats, or organize several zones: tartlets, salads, desserts, and fruits. With many people eating healthy these days, placing a variety of light appetizers, vegetables, and farm products on tables is best.

What dishes to put on tables?

Since this type of reception implies eating while standing, it is best to focus on dishes that do not require a plate. It can be:

- sushi;

- canapes;

- profiteroles with fish and meat salads;

- julienne with mushrooms and chicken;

- cheeses;

- cold cuts;

- seafood;

- baskets with snacks;

- pizza;

- hot sandwiches;

- cut fruits;

- barbecue: fish, shrimp, meat, and vegetables.

When speaking about sweets, put buns, candies, cupcakes, glazed gingerbread cookies, and muffins on tables. Sweets are placed in the shape of a beautiful slide or put on a multi-tiered stand. In this case, a wedding cake can be replaced by portioned cupcakes given to each invitee upon congratulations.

It is good if baked products and pastries match up with the general style of the wedding. So, candies in the form of seashells and cakes in the shape of a star are suitable for a marine-style wedding, while homemade cookies, berries, and treats without dyes and GMOs are appropriate for an ECO wedding.

As for drinks, guests also fill their glasses themselves. Decanters with lemonade, fruit drinks, and juice are placed on tables. Grog or mulled wine can be added to the list of beverages in cold seasons. Spirits are generally avoided giving preferences to wine and champagne.