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Brilliant ideas to save money on the wedding

A wedding is an expensive event. Usually, people save money for several years to hold a royal celebration. In this article, we explain how to save money and make your wedding luxurious but not so expensive.

Brilliant Ideas To Save Money On The Wedding

1. The wedding in the off-season. The easiest way to arrange a cheap celebration is to appoint it for the off-season. Usually, the period from November to March is considered to be unpopular among couples. Thus, prices will be reduced in these months. It is quite possible to get a discount for particular wedding services. Moreover, you’ll get a great choice as almost all venues, locations, and dates will be probably free.

2. A day-off in the middle of the week. Weekends are the most popular days for holding a celebration. You can use this point to turn the situation into your benefit. If you still want to have a ceremony in a hot season, you can appoint it to a weekday. Most specialists and venues are not in demand during the working days. Thus, you can ask for a sale.

3. Decoration. While choosing the basic concept of your holiday, instead of traditional options, pay attention to modern creative ideas. For example, rustic or shabby styles, which will allow you to save on the design of a wedding venue, and make it cozy and comfortable. Many creative design elements can be done by hands or found in the attic of your relatives. For example, openwork tablecloths, cute painted dressers, beautiful dishes for a candy bar or funny garlands of colored light bulbs.

4. One place for all parts of the celebration. If you try to spend less money, it is worth choosing the venue where everything will be in one place. A cottage house is an excellent option for this. There, you can arrange an outside registration among trees, flowers, and nature. Beautiful landscapes will create perfect locations for amazing photos. The second floor can serve as living rooms for guests, and on a veranda or the first floor, you can put tables or make a stand-up meal.

5. Format of the celebration. Decide how many guests you want to invite. Do you want to have dinner with the closest relatives or a full-scale party with all friends?

6. A stand-up meal instead of a banquet

7. Choose beginning specialists. If a person is young and just started to offer his/her services, it doesn’t mean that he/she is bad at this. Experience comes with practice. But it is guaranteed that his/her services will cost less.

8. Buy wedding outfits correctly. Monitor sales; there are seasonal discounts. Sew a dress with an individual seamstress – sometimes, it is cheaper. Do not overpay for urgency. Start sewing a dress a few months before the wedding.

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