Great styles for bridesmaids in 2020

Nowadays, it is popular to provide all bridesmaids with similar dresses. There are different options. Some brides do not limit their girls with models and colors of dresses and just offer possible shades, while others prefer choosing the same attire for all friends. Let’s discuss the main wedding trends for 2020.

Great Styles For Bridesmaids In 2020

1. Wedding overalls and pantsuits. It is an indisputable leader of the upcoming year. Pantsuits are no longer office clothes. Current fashion designers offer various models for casual wearing or solemn occasions. Although the majority of brides used to choose dresses for their bridesmaids, overalls, and pantsuits gain more and more popularity. They look harmoniously, solemnly, and restrained. A tight-fitting overall will create a sophisticated image. Here is one detail: such a garment does not fit all body types. Thus, if you have corpulent bridesmaids, this option is not the best choice.

2. An evening skirt with a crop top. One more trending option is the combination of a skirt and a top. Dresses look rather simple nowadays. Current fashion trends offer to combine different clothing items and create bold outfits. A vintage crop top with lace will perfectly match a maxi or midi skirt. Such outfits will be in demand in 2020.

3. Greek-style dresses. This is a classic option. Greek-style apparel looks graceful and solemn. Due to a flowing skirt and a restrained top, such bridesmaid dresses fit any type of figure. Women in such a garment remind of Greek goddesses and look elegant. Isn’t it an excellent choice for a wedding?

When speaking about dresses’ colors, they remain classic. Pastel pink, nude, grey, or blue is preferable, especially for romantic vintage celebrations. For autumn or winter holidays, brides can choose such deep colors as burgundy, and emerald. When choosing colors for bridesmaids’ attire, two possible options should be regarded.

1. The same color. A bride can choose the same color for all bridesmaids. Their outfits can be either identical or differ in models but are of one color.

2. Similar shades. It is a popular tendency. All bridesmaids have different dress shades that are perfectly matched together. Thus, in combination, such dresses create the perfect gradient that looks great.

In 2020, bold solutions will look stunning. Brides have an even larger range of possible options. When choosing outfits for bridesmaids, it is necessary to take into account a wedding style and the chosen color design, the time of the year, types of bridesmaids’ figures, a venue, a bride’s wedding dress.