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Unique bridal shower venues in Dubai

Are you going to get married? Do you want to arrange a bridal shower party in Dubai? It’s a perfect idea! There are lots of worthy places in the city. Let’s make a list of possible options for your party.

Unique Bridal Shower Venues Dubai

1. Jumeirah Zabeel Saray Talise Ottoman Spa. Spending a day in a spa is an excellent choice. No girl doesn’t like to take care of herself. What can be better than gathering all your friends in one place and spending the whole day together? If you go to the spa, you can swim in a pool, and have massages, masks, and other caressing procedures. Be sure that in Dubai, there is a great variety of such services. You can take care of your skin by paying attention to your face or any other area. A spa day is not only a pleasure but also a useful pastime. Especially if we take into account the upcoming event. Thus, you can have a whole range of cleansing procedures before Day X. However, remember that it is advisable to do complete skincare at least a week before the wedding. When arranging the bridal shower party in the spa, you’ll have plenty of time to discuss all the topics with your friends, chat, and have fun.

2. Thejamjar, Al Quoz. You can try yourself as an artist. If your friends are fond of art, you can rent a painting studio. A skilled artist will make a workshop for you, explain how to mix colors, use different brushes, and other aspects of the activity. A pastime can bring a lot of fun. Each of you can create a masterpiece. After the workshop, you can go to the seashore, swim, and observe a breathtaking sunset.

3. Top Chef Dubai. A cooking class is one more option to choose from if you want to attend some workshops. If you’re fond of cooking or want to pump your skills, give preference to this option. You and your friends will be able to impress your boyfriends and cook something special. A skilled cook will learn how to cook dishes from a restaurant menu. Be sure that you and your invitees will love this pastime.

4. Bounce. This activity is perfect for active brides who like sports and other extreme pastimes. Bounce is a free trampoline-jumping center. So, put on sneakers and start jumping! You have the opportunity to recall your childhood and meet your inner child. Several hours of spending on trampolines will help you forget about all the duties and routine matters.

5. Limo. Renting a limo is a classic option for how to spend the bridal shower in Dubai. Ride through the city, observe its beauties, and chat with friends. Order more champagne and make sure that your party will be perfect.

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