Boho inspired wedding ideas

Do you dream of an unusual wedding ceremony without pompous speeches and tedious banquets? Then a Boho wedding is what you need. You can arrange a holiday in nature, in a covered tent, or a brutal loft, boldly experimenting with decor, outfits, and treats.

Boho Inspired Wedding Ideas

Features of a Boho wedding

What happens if you mix hippie images, a pinch of Baroque, vintage notes, a drop of Scottish motifs, and many ethnic elements? Meet before you "bohemian chic" - aka Boho chic) - a popular style that appeared in the 60s of the last century and mixed the characteristic features of other trends.

A Boho-style wedding is suitable for those who do not like tedious marriage ceremonies, banquet halls, and standard contests for guests. For those who are not afraid to go beyond the limits and standards but want to create their adventures, slightly daring and atmospheric holiday.

The image of the bride

When choosing a Boho chic wedding dress, select minimalistic dresses made of light-flowing fabric.

The bride's task is to create a natural, feminine and harmonious image without weighing it down with corsets, fluffy skirts, and a long veil. Conciseness and simplicity are the main principles in choosing an outfit.

If you do not want the dress to look simple, you can complement it with handmade lace, leather straps, and a decorative braid. You can add bright floral accents to the image of a bohemian bride. For example, you can weave a wreath on your head or decorate an ankle or forearm bracelet with flowers.

You can choose almost any shoes except for uncomfortable stilettos. Flat-soled sandals with leather straps around the calves and rugged boots, Cossacks, or boots will be appropriate.

The bravest brides refuse shoes altogether. But if the wedding takes place in nature, it is better not to take risks so as not to injure your feet.

Boho hairstyles

The bride's hairstyle should look light, romantic, and careless, as if she was slightly disheveled by the wind. The hair can be braided into braids, gathered into a neat bun with strands falling out of it, or dissolved in beautiful curls.

Forget about complex styling and reliable fixation, and it's better to complement your hairstyle with a thin rim or a wreath of flowers. The completion of the airy and romantic image will be light makeup in the nude style.


If the bride's outfit is selected in delicate pastel colors, then a bouquet for a wedding in the style of "Boho," on the contrary, can be made as bright as possible. And also voluminous and asymmetrical. Let the florist assemble a composition from a combination of wild and exotic flowers.

You can complement the bouquet with lush green leaves, bird feathers, and a ribbon with an ornament.

Outfit for the groom

In the male image for a Boho chic wedding, classic trousers with ironed arrows can be safely replaced with your favorite jeans or trousers made of natural fabrics and a neatly tied tie with a bright "bow-tie" or a carelessly unbuttoned collar of a light linen shirt.

A man's clothes may look a little casual but at the same time stylish. You can complement the image with a tweed jacket, suspenders, a small hat, and a boutonniere in harmony with the bride's bouquet.

Wedding invitations in the style of "Boho."

Forget about classic store postcards and order original handmade invitations. For their manufacture, you can use coarse cardboard, kraft paper, all kinds of ribbons, linen threads, and twine. And also - feathers, lace, natural fabrics, artificial pearls.

When creating an original design, do not forget helpful information: in the invitation, you need to specify the time, date, and place of your holiday. If it is not so easy to get to the location, determine the coordinates for the navigator or the driving directions. Do not forget to inform about the dress code: specify the main requirements for the guests' clothing.

Dress code for guests

Guests are no less essential heroes of your celebration, and their outfits should also be in harmony with the overall style of the wedding. When inviting guests to a Boho-style wedding, ask them to pick up light, natural, and slightly careless images. Natural shades are preferred in clothes: beige, pale pink, and milky white.

You can also add one mandatory accessory to the dress code for everyone. For example, for girls, it can be a light headband or a floral bracelet on the wrist; for men — bow ties in the same style. So that guests do not suffer in search of the right accessories, it is better to prepare them in advance for everyone at your wedding and give them out at the entrance or send them invitations.

Where to celebrate a wedding

The ideal bohemian wedding is a wedding in nature in summer: an exit registration, an unusual wooden arch, and dream catchers swaying on the branches of trees.

But if you are afraid that bad weather may spoil your holiday, you can rent a stylish house with panoramic windows.

Wedding Decor

In the Boho wedding decor, continue to combine the incongruous, experimenting with various colors, textures, and materials.

Do not forget the natural elements: flowers, wood, ears, and dried flowers. The bohemian celebration is also characterized by vintage furniture, hammocks, pillows, blankets, vases, and dishes made of colored glass. To decorate a room or territory, you can use old chests and suitcases, musical instruments, and flags made of aged paper. And after sunset, the light of dozens of lights from garlands hung everywhere will add romance.

The most crucial decor element, traditionally associated with the bohemian style, is dream catchers. Decorate the room with them or hang them on the branches of trees in the open air.

During on-site registration, an important point will be the design of the arch. Unlike a traditional celebration, arches for a Boho-style wedding are distinguished by their irregular, rough shape.

You can use flowers, light fabrics, and multi-colored ribbons for their decoration. And the way to the place of the solemn ceremony can be lined with old carpets.

Treats for guests

Long feasts with many alternating dishes are unsuitable for the Boho Chic style. The best option for such a celebration will be a buffet. The menu can include light snacks, canapes, vegetables, fruits, rustic bread, and homemade cheese. To keep the guests from getting hungry, you can have a barbecue and cook meat or fish on the grill.

A wedding cake in the style of "Boho" will be a spectacular end to the holiday. But you don't need to order fancy decorations. For example, you can pour icing on a cake in delicate white and beige tones and decorate it with a light floral print or an image of bird feathers. You can replace the cake with delicious homemade pies with different fillings, which your guests will like no less.

When planning a wedding in the style of "Boho," do not be afraid to experiment and surprise. Choose bold scenarios, unusual decorations, and outfits to create your unique holiday. After all, bohemian chic is created for those who dislike fitting themselves into the set boundaries.