Black and white wedding theme

Themed weddings are at the peak of popularity. Engaged couples want to organize a stylish event where all details and accessories are of common design. A black and white wedding is a classic option that nowadays gains popularity.

Black And White Wedding Theme

It’s not easy to arrange the celebration of this style, as every little detail should be considered. In such cases, wedding decorators are designed to help partners. They know for sure how to decorate a venue, and they have all the necessary decor elements for it. If you hire specialists for hall decoration, still there are other parts of wedding preparation, which require partners’ involvement.

1. Wedding outfits. A bride and groom should pay attention to their outfits. A black and white wedding corresponds to traditional wedding clothes (a white dress for a bride and a black suit for a groom). But still, it is possible to play with other unusual options. Nowadays, there such extraordinary garment as a black wedding dress or mixed colors. Thus, for instance, newlyweds can change the colors of their attire. A groom chooses a white suit and a bride prefers a black dress. It is a bold decision.

2. Dress code for guests. Do not forget to inform your guests about the appropriate dress code. Guests should also choose the clothes of these two colors to match a wedding theme. Usually, such information is included in an invitation card.

3. Invitation cards. By the way, invitation cards themselves should also be black and white. Plighted lovers have an opportunity to develop their design and decorate cards themselves.

4. Decoration. Although black and white are the main colors, still, it is necessary to add some neutral shades that will match the main ones. Their main purposes are to dilute monotonous gamut and serve as the basis.

5. Wedding details. Do not forget to choose a wedding bouquet that will be comprised of black and white flowers or plants. A wedding cake should also comply with the main color theme of the party. Fortunately, nowadays, there are great variety of designs for cakes. Thus, it’s possible to find a suitable option. A black and white themed party looks classic and elegant and reminds of traditional aristocratic meetings. Nevertheless, these two shades make the perfect match. Like yin yang, they complement one another and create the ideal combination. If a couple chooses such a design for a celebration, it will be associated with newlyweds and symbolize their harmonious relations.