Awesome ways to celebrate your birthday in Dubai

If you decided to celebrate your birthday in Dubai, forget about commonplace dinners in restaurants. The city is full of creative activities on how to spend the day with joy. So, it’s a crime to avoid them and sit at a table in a restaurant. Well, you can go to the restaurant but only after an exciting birthday programme. Here are some options for them:

Awesome Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday In Dubai

Extreme ideas

Dubai is the perfect destination for adventure lovers. Here, you can practice wakeboarding, surfing, sandboarding, and diving. Due to its geographic location, the city is ready to offer various kinds of pastimes on water, underwater, in the desert, and in the air. So, you can rent the required equipment and dive into the underwater world, or try to ride a wave or dune. And after that, when getting enough adrenaline, you can end up the day in a restaurant and celebrate the event.

Air balloon ride and day in the desert

Here’s another extreme option. Although flying high in the sky and riding an air balloon seems romantic, the activity turns out to be rather extreme. After the ride, you can stay in the desert and have a solemn dinner in an authentic cafe right in the middle of the desert styled in traditional Arab design.

Yacht cruise

Rent a yacht, hire the catering staff, and go on a day voyage along the seashore. This option has several advantages at once. Firstly, you can forget about being too noisy and disturbing to surrounding people. You and your guests will be all alone. So, this is a good choice for noisy parties. Secondly, this is an ideal photo zone. Awesome photos on board with high skyscrapers, city landscape, and breathtaking natural views in the background. Thirdly, you’ll see city suburbs, admire nature, and spend time with comfort and luxury.

A spa or other relaxing places

Dubai is full of all sorts of spa salons, where diverse services are offered. If you want to relax and spend time with care for your body, arrange a party in a spa complex, where a whole range of services is provided. Swim in a pool, go to a massage and enjoy chatting with friends in a steam room.

Flying in a helicopter and a dinner on the observation deck

You can spend a day high in the air. Dubai has a lot of sightseeing designed to impress tourists from the bird’s eye. So, rent the helicopter, fly through the city and all its suburbs together with friends, and enjoy Palm Island and other attractions. Then, you can book a table in the highest restaurant on the same floor as the observation deck of Burj Khalifa.