The 2020 wedding flower trends

Flowers are indispensable elements of any wedding decoration. No matter what type and style of the celebration you have, there will be flowers. Some styles have more floral arrangements, some of them have fewer flowers. However, in any case, you can’t decorate your wedding without flowers. Why?

Wedding Flower Trends

Flowers look incredibly delicate. Flowers are the embodiment of femininity, tenderness, and fragility. They are associated with the image of a bride and perfectly complement her outfit. Let’s see what flower arrangements are on top nowadays.

- Roses. This is a classical option. Roses are traditionally associated with love and beauty. These flowers are considered indisputable leaders for wedding floristics. They can be combined with other flowers, greenery, rhinestones, and fabrics. As you see, a skilled decorator has a great field for imagination while working with roses.

- Peonies. Peonies are lush, delicate, and elegant flowers. They are in great demand among brides around the world. One can either choose peonies for a mono-bouquet or include them in a wedding flower decor. In any case, peonies will look great. It is possible to order them without problems in late spring, early summer. During the rest of the year, flowers are more expensive and difficult to get.

- Tulips. Delicate tulips are most often associated with spring, although they are considered an all-season flower. A huge number of sorts and a rich color palette give space for creativity and the realization of the most daring ideas.

- Peony roses. If you can’t choose between roses and peonies. Florists have developed a mix of two flowers to please brides.

- Anemones. Anemones are delicate and elegant, like the bride herself. They have a very contrasting color that looks great in floral arrangements, giving them a stylish and sophisticated look.

- Freesia. Freesia is a delicate and sophisticated flower with a tasty aroma. It will be a wonderful addition to a complex wedding bouquet or central table arrangement.

There is a wide range of flowers nowadays. When choosing ones for your celebration, take into account the atmosphere and mood of the event. For example, peonies are delicate, and gerberas are quite positive and vivid.

Any flower is perfectly matched with greenery. Do not forget to add greenery to your wedding arrangements. Flowers look even more saturated on the background of different greenery.