Bicycle inspired wedding theme

Do you want to celebrate your wedding in a stylish, bright, and unusual way? Your option is a bicycle wedding! Instead of a motorcade of foreign cars - a whole row of bicycles. To organize such a wedding, you will certainly need a lot of "iron horses". About the theme of such a celebration, guests need to be warned in advance so that they can prepare.

Bicycle Inspired Wedding Theme

Bicycles can be rented, ordinary bicycles for city driving. As you may have guessed, the main emphasis on the invitations will be the bicycle.

Invitations can be made either in paper form with a picture of your transport or made of plastic, cut out of wood. Add bold accents, colors, and lettering. Cycling ceremony The tradition that we all love when a father leads his daughter to the altar can be transformed into a cycling tradition. Imagine: on an iron horse, accompanied by the same tandem, dad is taking his daughter. At the end of the ceremony, the newly-made husband accepts his soul mate also on a bicycle.

Notice the association? Newlyweds from the first minutes of their life together learn to “spin the pedals” together, taking the first steps towards a brighter future. On a note! The bike, on which the bride will be, can be supplemented with a bouquet of flowers by filling the basket with it. To arrange the groom's transport in the form of a bright, high-speed, sports bike. Bicycle decoration When decorating a banquet hall, everything that is related to bicycles will be used: wheels, chains, seats, steering wheel

Each element can be decorated, flowers, satin ribbons, laces can be added. Bicycles can be used as decorative stands for flower vases. Napkins and glasses designed in this style will look great on the tables. It will be a great addition if you prepare photos in advance with your soul mate on a bike ride. You can decorate walls with such photos, hang them in frames on ribbons and chains. A registration arch for young people must certainly match the style: for example, it can be forged from metal. And if you assemble it from decorative bicycle wheels, then the arch will completely acquire the author's technique.

Candy Bar can be decorated with sweets decorated in a bicycle style sheet. A variety of cookies and pastries decorated with icing, cupcakes, fruit cuts - all with the addition of bicycle accessories. Cycling The outfits of the bride and groom here have complete freedom. The girl can choose a short dress, sneakers, or ballet flats.

A young man in a shirt with rolled-up sleeves and sports shoes. It is quite appropriate for guests to offer to wear accessories in the form of a two-wheeled vehicle, such as hairpins or brooches.

To carry out a photo session in this style, you should take care of purchasing a two-seater transport, or bicycles for driving around the city. Additional accessories can be bright flowers, carved wood signs, flying snakes tied to the trunk of a bicycle.

the main thing is the happy mood of the young and the faces shining with smiles. Important! Before the photo session, you need to rub your transport to a shine, put on a chain protector so that the hem of the dress does not get stuck. And do not forget to remember a little about the skills of driving your "iron horse" before the main event!