Best wedding reception activities your guests will love

The celebration program is an important part of the wedding because someone should entertain guests so that they don’t get bored, and encourage them to participate in all possible competitions and quests.

Creative Wedding Reception Activities

Every toastmaster has a premade program. You can ask him/her to show it in order to understand whether an offered one is suitable for your format. The only con is that their programs are usually of the same type and contain the same tasks, competitions, jokes.

Meanwhile, if you do not want to look commonplace, you can choose your future toastmaster and develop your own unique program. Or at least add your fresh ideas to a ready-made program for the banquet. Now, let’s see what are the most not ordinary and attractive activities your guests will definitely love:

1. Make a slide show with your photos. Choose pictures from your very childhood. Make a collage that will show you and your future husband from your first days of life. It is a rather cute and interesting activity. It will cause positive feelings among all guests. If you do not want to use hardware, it is also possible to hang photos on the wall or a stand.

2. Organize a workshop. When thinking over the zoning at the wedding, find the place where you can organize a workshop. How is it possible? First of all, pay attention to floristic, dance, culinary or creative workshops. You can even organize a workshop during which men will learn how to roll cigars. Or arrange a workshop of baking a pie; divide guests into several teams and then choose the best cooking masterpiece. The main thing is to find the occupation that is suitable for your format of the celebration. This activity will definitely not leave anyone indifferent.

3. Offer a table game. Are you surprised? However, it is the perfect option to amuse already coming guests while other invitees are still on their way. Moreover, it is an excellent opportunity to make friends with other guests. During a game, they will become less constrained and will communicate.

Here is the remark: it is better to choose tables games that do not take much time to play till the end. Do not forget to prepare a separate table with chairs and all the necessary writing materials (notepads, pens, pencils, etc.).

4. Organize a show program. If the budget allows, organize a show program for wedding entertainment in Dubai. Hire artists of different genres:

• magicians

• artists and cartoonists

• sand animation

• dancers

• fire show

• singers and cover bands

5. Create a unique photo zone. Photos zones have become an indispensable element of all festive events. Nowadays, people have cameras everywhere and at any time; thus, they won’t lose an opportunity to take some shots. Especially, if it is the wedding of their friends, relatives. Thus, a photo zone will be one more beautiful and creative place for photos.