The best wedding decorations

Weddings have been, are, and will be, despite all the world’s vicissitudes and difficulties. From season to season, wedding decoration styles change; new ones appear and old decorative techniques are recalled. By and large, there are no good or bad wedding styles. Everything that appeals to you and awakens bright emotions is already worthy of

The Best Wedding Decorations

attention. But one way or another, fashion penetrates into all spheres of our life, dictating its own rules.

1. Invincible Boho Chic. A bit of ethnicity, a bit of hippie, an indomitable spirit of freedom, and a unique bohemian flavor loved by everyone. As decorative elements, you can use colorful carpets, soft pillows, tents, and wigwams in the Indian style, patterned textiles, macrame, rattan furniture and lamps, interior items decorated with mosaics, wooden beads, knitted napkins and tablecloths, dream catchers, clay floor vases, dried flowers, and succulents.

2. Minimalism. Along with Boho chic, minimalism is still relevant. Simple lines and shapes, laconic decor, pure colors, no decorations and unnecessary details.

3. Japandy. Is this the first time you hear this word? This is how designers called a fashionable mix of Japanese minimalism and Scandinavian style. The main features that distinguish the style are fabric screens with wooden slats, an abundance of wood, a natural palette combined with white and beige, various dry branches, including sakura, paper fans and lampshades for lamps, bonsai plants, down-to-earth furniture, textiles made from natural fabrics, earthenware, porcelain and wooden dishes, maximum light and space, geometric prints.

4. Greenery. Speaking of floristry, note that luxurious roses, of course, will not disappear anywhere, but more and more often one can observe the so-called “garden style”. Local flowers, an abundance of greenery, wild plants, dried flowers for fall and winter weddings. This decor perfectly matches the style of the holiday taking place outdoors.

5. Tents. As more outdoor weddings take place around the world, there is growing popularity of wedding tents and decorative lighting. These two components are able to create romance and coziness in any place, whether it is a closed territory of a restaurant, or a recreation center, or an open field outside a city.