Best venue tips you need for your wedding in Dubai

If you plan a wedding ceremony in Dubai, you have to find a suitable venue not only for the ceremony itself but also for your wedding celebration. The choice of a banquet hall is one of the most responsible preparatory tasks.

Tips For Choosing Wedding Venue

So as not to get lost among the abundance of impressive wedding venues and choose a worthy one, keep in mind the following tips. They are able to make the process easier and less nervous.

1. Hire a wedding agency. If you cooperate with the agency, it is likely that they will offer you some options. Such agencies usually have ready-made packages for clients. You can be sure that their options will be of high quality and won’t disappoint you. They value their reputation and offer only proven venues with a stylish interior and high level of service.

2. The banquet’s format. Even if you choose the agency that will help you find the best venue, you still have to think about the format of a wedding party. Discuss the point with your partner or relatives and decide whether you want to have a stand-up party or a full-fledged banquet. The area of the venue where the celebration will be held depends on this criterion.

3. Weather. If you organize the wedding in a dessert or in an open area, foresee weather. In Dubai, there are either a calm favorable season or a bad one for open areas. Thus, you should keep in mind this point.

4. Proximity to accommodation. Most of your guests won’t know the city well or maybe it is their first time in Dubai. They can easily get lost. For this reason, it is better to choose the wedding venue that is close to your accommodation.

5. The number of guests. The size of the required hall will directly depend on the number of invitees. Do not forget that the hall should have enough space for not only banquet tables but also a dance floor and holding an entertainment program.

6. Wedding menu and dishes. The majority of restaurants and cafes invite clients for a trial tasting. You have an opportunity to estimate the portion size, try the menu and make corrections. Remember that celebration lasts until late at night, so pay particular attention to dishes’ size.

7. Read the rules of the venue. In order to avoid misunderstandings during the celebration, read the rules in advance. It is also important to ask the staff such questions as whether it is possible to decorate the hall, where to smoke, how long the venue works, etc.

If you properly consider the above-described points, you’ll easily cope with choosing the venue and simplify your preparatory wedding process.