Best time to visit Dubai

The variety of different types of recreation in the city makes it favorable and attractive for tourists all year round. However, do not hurry up to pack your bags; there are months when visiting Dubai will be the most comfortable and least expensive.

Best Time To Visit Dubai

Climate Features

The UAE is located in a subtropical climate zone. It is always warm there, even in January. The average winter temperature in Dubai is +24°C. However, it is very hot in summer. The air temperature reaches +50°C. Despite numerous air conditioners and other technical innovations, summer cannot be called a comfortable season in the city. Even some residents often leave the country during this period. Add possible desert storms and rare rainfall to the heat, and you don’t want to go to the country in the summer months.


The cold season begins in the UAE in winter. Rains are intense but do not last long. The sun becomes less active. It no longer burns but warms.

The coldest months are January and February. At this time, strong winds are blowing, raising waves in the Gulf.

Winter is the perfect time for shopping and sightseeing. Prices are decreased at this time of the year. Visitors can find discounts of up to 70% in large shopping malls. In winter, shopping festivals are often held, during which cash prizes, gold bars, and cars are raffled off.


It often rains in March, and it is cool in the evenings and at night. The optimum temperature for swimming is set in April when the sun becomes very active. Most days of this month are hot, and rainfall is extremely rare.

The hottest spring month is May. On the eve of summer, the UAE is not just hot but stuffy, and the air temperature rises to +37 degrees.


Summer vacation can be a bit not comfortable because, at this time, there is heat. Meanwhile, Dubai has plenty of indoor sightseeing and activities that will keep you entertained.


This is the time of the high tourist season. September is still quite hot, but the velvet season begins in October. Rains are unlikely, and the humidity is around 60%. It gradually decreases and approaches the norm, which is typical for this region.

To summarize, if you want to go on vacation to the sea, it is best to take tickets for October, November, or April. This is the most suitable time to relax in Dubai. Summer is the worst season.