Best resistance band exercises workout

A resistance band is one of the handiest fitness equipment. Judge for yourself: - It is cheap; - It takes little place. You can carry it in a pocket or put in a suitcase; - You can work out the whole body with it; - You do not need a special place to train with it. You can use it even at home.

Best Resistance Band Exercises Workout

Now, in the time of the quarantine, the last point is the most relevant. People are stuck at home. If they have just a simple resistance band, they can keep training and staying fit. Let’s consider a total body training program with the resistance band. 1. Traditionally, let’s start with hips. Squatting is the first fitness exercise. You should put your resistance band slightly above the knees. When you squat, try to resist the band and control your knees. They should not direct to each other. The band will add resistance to muscles. Do the exercise 24 times for each of 2 rounds. 2. The next exercise is leg abduction. Stand still. The band is in the same place as it was during squats. You should abduct your leg sideways. Do the exercise 16 times, then add 3 pulses at the top, and continue doing 3-pulse abduction 8 times. Then hold your leg for 8 seconds. Do the same thing on the other leg. Repeat 2 rounds. 3. The starting position: your body is tilted. Step on the resistance band with your feet and grab it with your hands. Extend your back, feel resistance. This exercise is aimed at strengthening your back and hips. Do it 24 times for each of 2 rounds. 4. Stand straight. Put your hands above your head and direct palms to each other. Put the resistance band on your wrists. Abduct your hands sideways so that you feel resistance. Keep doing the exercise 16 times. Then add 3 pulses on the abducted position. Do 3-pulse abduction 8 times. Then hold hands for 8 seconds. 5. The starting position: your body is tilted. Hands hang right under your shoulders. The resistance band is on the wrists. The back and abs are toned. The back is fixed. While being titled, you should raise straight arms to ear level. And get them back to the starting position. Repeat it 16 times. Then try to bend your elbows when your hands are raised. Keep doing 8 times. Do the exercise for 2 rounds. 6. Glute bridge. Lie on your back, knees are bent. Put the resistance band slightly above the knees. Raise your pelvis. In the next phase, abduct your knees sideways, creating resistance with the band. Reduce the knees and lower the pelvis. Continue doing it 24 times. 7. Abs are trained without the resistance band. You can do simple crunches.