Best outdoor sporting activities in Dubai

Dubai is an excellent destination for extreme-lovers. Here, they can experience all possible kinds of outdoor activity.

1. Safari in ATVs in the desert. The city is surrounded by the desert, which means that there is plenty of territory for extreme rides. Safari in ATVs is one of the most popular options. Rent some ATVs and arrange an extreme ride in the

Best outdoor sporting activities in Dubai

desert. This will excite, help blow off steam or distract from routine.

2. Camel ride in the desert. This activity is not very extreme but adventurous. A group of people is gathered, and they go hiking in the desert. They ride camels, sleep in the desert under a tent, and have rest just like authentic desert nations. This is an excellent chance to understand how desert settlements live.

3. Wakeboarding. Wakeboarding is water snowboarding with an assistant. One person is in a boat, a paraglider, or a guide mechanism. The athlete holds onto the source of traction with the help of a halyard (rope), performing tricks in the direction of movement. The speed is in the range of 25-30 km per hour.

4. Surfing. Dubai is a coastal city; it is washed by the ocean. So, this is the perfect destination for surfers. Thousands of surf-lovers come to the city to tame the wave and spend time on the sunny beach.

5. Yachting. This activity allows fans to see cities and surroundings, travel, and enjoy the endless ocean. In Dubai, it becomes possible. The city is full of yachts that are offered for rent. Local competitions between fans are regularly held.

6. Diving. It is swimming underwater in a special suit with special equipment that provides a person with the necessary supply of air. Thanks to such equipment, it is possible to be underwater for up to 12 hours or more! Of course, it all depends on the purpose of the dive. While diving, you can carefully explore the seabed, admire the underwater flora and fauna, look into the caves.

7. Air balloon sport. Although many people use this activity as an entertainment option, some people do this professionally. Due to the desert, people who ride air balloons have great territories to improve their skills and spend time with joy.

8. Paragliding. Paragliding is an extreme sport, where a person flies with a special wing in the form of an ellipse, the span of which is about 10 meters. It is controlled with the help of lines. The paraglider is controlled by the pilot, the movement is due to the air currents, and there is no engine for you that gives you an additional advantage. In Dubai, this kind of activity is popular and possible.